Vio-Lence “Eternal Nightmare”

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ARTIST: Vio-Lence
ALBUM: Eternal Nightmare
RELEASE DATE: 04/12/1988

01. Eternal Nightmare
02. Serial Killer
03. Phobophobia
04. Calling in the Coroner
05. T.D.S. (Take It as You Will)
06. Bodies on Bodies
07. Kill on Command

01. Liquid Courage (Live at Slims)
02. Ageless Eyes (Live at Slims)
03. Calling in the Coroner (Live at Slims)
04. World in a World (Live at Slims)
05. Officer Nice (Live at Slims)
06. Subterfuge (Live at Slims)
07. Kill on Command (Live at Slims)
08. Phobophobia (Live at Slims)
09. Bodies on Bodies (Live at Slims)
10. I Profit (Live at Slims)
11. T.D.S. (Live at Slims)
12. Paraplegic (Live at Slims)