Various Artists “Metal Massacre 14″

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ARTIST: Various Artists
ALBUM: Metal Massacre 14
RELEASE DATE: 04/08/2016

01. The Traveller (Metalian)
02. Until Then…Until the End (Noctum)
03. Bell of Tarantia (Gatekeeper)
04. The Demented Force (Assassin’s Blade)
05. Denim Attack (Cobra)
06. The Siege of Jerusalem (Stone Dagger)
07. Will of the Ancient Call (Crypt Sermon)
08. The Ripper in Black (Savage Master)
09. No Tomorrow (Outcast)
10. Brothers (Corsair)
11. Cold Cold Ground (Walpyrgus) *Digital Version Only*
12. Final Spell (Visigoth) *Digital Version Only*
13. Into Depths (Ravencult) *Digital Version Only*