Don Jamieson “Hell Bent for Laughter”

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ARTIST: Don Jamieson
ALBUM: Hell Bent for Laughter
RELEASE DATE: 03/18/2014

01. That Metal Show, Wedding Songs & Guns n’ F@ckin’ Roses
02. Diapers, Tattoos & a Missing Thumb
03. Halford, Ozzy & Kiss
04. Motley Crue, AC/DC & My Awful Sideburns
05. A Mexican, Edward Scissorhands & a Missing Arm
06. Lubrication, Menstruation & Masturbation
07. Bad Dates, Dead Cats & Terrorist Ants
08. Guns n’ F@ckin’ Politics, Money Shots & Abortion
09. Things You’ll Never Hear Anyone Say
10. Thank You Louis CK, Trendy Stoners
11. The Liquor Store Bar, Balls & Magical Vaginas