Don Jamieson “Communication Breakdown”

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ARTIST: Don Jamieson
ALBUM: Communication Breakdown
RELEASE DATE: 04/21/2017

01. Dave Mustaine Riffs, Intervention, Baby in the Drain
02. Sober, Finger-Banging, Drunk Logic
03. Weed, Cigs, Election 2016
04. Kiefer
05. Myrtle Beach
06. Free Clinic, Raccoons
07. Rockers Aren’t P.C.
08. Where Have All the Rock Stars Gone?
09. Rocking Women, Viking Metal, Big Four
10. Vagina No-No’s, Van Fucker, Doggie Style
11. Dating at 50, Threesome (Almost)
12. Brad & Angelina, Great Head, Mr. Brownstone
13. Johnny Depp