W.E.B. Release New Single “Necrology of Hel”

- October 10th, 2023 –

Off Of Upcoming Digital EP “Into Hell Fire We Burn”

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Hailing from Athens, Greece, extreme symphonic metal band W.E.B. are back with a new digital EP titled Into Hell Fire We Burn, which will be released worldwide on October 26 via Metal Blade Records. The digital EP is a follow up to 2021′s Colosseum, which AVE NOCTEM referred to as “gratuitous, powerful riffs, indulgent gothic overtones and challenging, personality-filled metal” while METAL OBSERVER said W.E.B. is “a band more than capable of going toe to toe with genre legends Septicflesh, Rotting Christ and Dimmu Borgir.

Here’s what the band has to say about the upcoming EP, Into Hell Fire We Burn:

This EP was an idea that had been wandering our minds for a long time. W.E.B. have only released one EP in 2012, the one called ‘My Storm Upon You’ and the freedom of releasing experimental material, which would never be part of an official album, in addition to something new and a couple of re-enhanced versions of songs, is always intriguing. Here we are with a new song ‘Into Hell Fire We Burn,’ a re-recording of ‘Necrology’ (from Colosseum 2021) sang by Hel Pyre, a re-recording medley of two older songs ‘For Bidens’ and ‘My Storm Upon You,’ an industrial remix of ‘Nightmares in Disguise’ and ‘Regina Est,’ a full orchestral version of ‘Clamor Luna’ trilogy and a cover of Rotting Christ’s ‘Non Serviam.’ There’s a lot to process and listening to this EP seems like a roller coaster with very strange turns but this is what makes roller coasters fun, right? We invite you to an album-lasting ride through several musical layers of the netherworld, from burning into infernal fire to the victorious scream of ‘Non Serviam.’

Demons don’t serve in Heaven – Demons rule in Hell


The first single released off the EP is the song Necrology of Hel which the band talks about below:

Necrology is one of the most special songs from the 2021 album Colosseum, while the song regarding the vocals is a duet of Sakis and Hel.

W.E.B. decided to re-record the song and have Hel Pyre sing it all by herself since in a way, Necrology is pretty much a personal piece for her.

Hel Pyre added: “This song always felt very special to me ever since I wrote the lyrics and vocal lines for it. Theme wise it’s an ode to vampirism and, contrary to its title, to eternal life. To be given the chance to express it with my vocals was something I truly enjoyed and I’m grateful to my band for giving me this opportunity and showing such artistic freedom.”

Watch the new video HERE!

Into Hell Fire We Burn track listing:
01. Into Hell Fire We Burn
02. Forbidden Storm
03. Necrology of Hel
04. Lunar Nightmares
05. Clamor Luna Orchestram
06. Non Serviam (Rotting Christ cover)

W.E.B. is a must see live band” – METAL INVADER

Compositions are full of clever ideas, creating one musical theme after the other and never really resting on specific ones but constantly producing and giving birth to all kinds of hybrid aggregations.” – METALZONE.GR

gives me the DIMMU BORGIR/CRADLE OF FILTH, maybe even a little Game of Thrones vibe.” – METAL-TEMPLE

W.E.B. Lineup:
Sakis Prekas – guitars, vocals
Hel Pyre – bass, vocals
Sextus A. Maximus – lead guitars
Nikitas Mandolas – drums

W.E.B. online:

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