The Ocean Streaming New Live Album “Phanerozoic Live”

- November 26th, 2021 –

Two Live Listening Events Today

Even in a global pandemic nothing can stop THE OCEAN. The Berliners proudly present an unusual live album that is a testimony of strange times: their Phanerozoic concept album performed live in its entirety at a time when no shows were happening anywhere in the world. The band took the chance and prepared two very special live stream shows, performing both parts of their magnum opus Phanerozoic in its entirety. Part I was recorded at Pier 2 club in Bremen, while Part II was recorded and streamed for Roadburn Redux 2021. Today, the band are celebrating the release of Phanerozoic Live with a pair of live chats, discussing both parts of the album.

Phanerozoic I [Live At Bremen] – Live Stream Chat – 8pm CET // 2pm EST
Phanerozoic II [Live at Roadburn] – Live Stream Chat – 9pm CET // 3pm EST

Phanerozoic Live is available on Metal Blade Records digitally worldwide, and physical copies available in various formats at Pelagic Records.

Phanerozoic Live Track Listing
Phanerozoic Part I – Live in Bremen:
01. The Cambrian Explosion
02. Cambrian II
03. Ordovicium
04. Silurian
05. Devonian
06. The Carboniferous Rainforest Collapse
07. Permian

Phanerozoic Part II – Live At Roadburn Redux:
01. Triassic
02. Jurassic | Cretaceous
03. Palaeocene
04. Eocene
05. Oligocene
06. Miocene | Pliocene
07. Pleistocene
08. Holocene

In early 2021 with no end of lockdowns in sight, THE OCEAN decided to thank their fans for the support with two streaming concerts, performing both Phanerozoic albums in their entirety: Phanerozoic I was streamed live from Pier 2, a big hall in the port of Bremen, Germany on March 25, 2021. With more than 1,500 tickets sold, it was the most successful show of the popular “Club 100″ streaming events series thus far.

The day after this event, the band rehearsed and recorded Phanerozoic II in its entirety. This performance aired on April 16th as part of the digital edition of Roadburn Festival (this year aptly named Roadburn Redux). Both shows couldn’t have been more different: where the first part boasts with a pompous, mesmerizing lighting production on a big stage, the second part is quite the opposite: intimate, almost cozy, focused on musicianship rather than performance. “We wanted to give people two totally different experiences“, says band leader Robin Staps. “In Bremen, we had the chance to record a proper live show, the way people know us. We played facing towards the front of the stage, to an invisible crowd, essentially to a huge empty room… but we knew people were watching, even if we didn’t see them. There was the same rush of adrenaline right before going on stage as you get before going on any stage, maybe with a little extra anxiety added, because knowing that so many people are watching you without being able to see them yourself was super weird.

The fans response to these special events was another testimony to how much THE OCEAN connect with their crowd at home in this very intense way was an experience that was “oddly beautiful and frustrating in equal measure,” according to Staps. Now as restrictions begin to lift worldwide, THE OCEAN are more than ready to show fans in-person the power of Phanerozoic Live, with select shows starting this January.

THE OCEAN Tour Dates
12/11 – DE – Leipzig, Felsenkeller
13/11 – DE – Neunkirchen, Gloomaar Festival
14/11 – DE – Dortmund, Junkyard

with pg.lost, Hypno5e and Psychonaut:
07/01 – DE- Berlin, Hole44
08/01 – CZ – Prague, Nova Chmelnice
09/01 – AT – Vienna, Szene
10/01 – DE- Munich, Backstage
11/01 – IT – Milan, Legend
12/01 – CH – Lucerne, Sedel
13/01 – FR – Lyon, CCO Villeurbanne
14/01 – ES – Barcelona, Boveda
15/01 – ES – Madrid, Caracol
16/01 – PT – Lisbon, LAV
17/01 – ES – Bilbao, Stage Live
18/01 – FR – Toulouse, Rex
19/01 – FR – Bordeaux, Krakatoa
20/01 – FR – Nantes, Ferrailleur
21/01 – FR – Lille, The Black Lab
22/01 – NL – Utrecht, De Helling
23/01 – BE – Brussels, Botanique
24/01 – FR – Paris, Machine
25/01 – FR – Colmar, Grillen
26/01 – DE – Cologne, Gebäude9
27/01 – DE – Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
28/01 – DE – Hannover, Bei Chez Heinz
29/01 – DE – Osnabrück, Kleine Freiheit

Spiraling virtuosity and epic arrangements” – CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

THE OCEAN do for earth science class what Mastodon did for Melville: make learning brutal” – DECIBEL

The silkiest blend of vocal delivery, balanced and groovy musicianship, postmodern atmospherics, and badass riffing” – INVISIBLE ORANGES

A dynamic conclusion to a saga 4,500 million years in the making, and it’s worth every second of the wait” – METAL HAMMER

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