The Monster Factory’s talent lend their voices to ‘Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil’

- June 28th, 2021 –

In our continued efforts to promote metal vocalists as voice actors and actresses in movies and video games, The Monster Factory is thrilled to announce their participation in the latest DLC installment of Dead by Daylight by Behavior Interactive.

“It is a huge honor to participate in this amazing new chapter of Dead by Daylight” says Sebastien Croteau, co-founder of The Monster Factory. “The game and the Resident Evil franchise are unique and hold a very special place in the hearts of survival/horror fans. To be able to participate in both is truly a dream come true.”

In addition to Roxana BL from Your Last Wish (female zombie voice), David AB from First Fragment (male zombie voice) and Sebastien Croteau from Necrotic Mutation (The Nemesis), The Monster Factory went across the border and worked with fellow metal vocalists Riley McShane from Allegaeon, Chaney Crabb from Entheos, Danielle Evans from Stridskvinna and Gerard Vachon. Each vocalist lent their voice to an iconic RE character. The full cast of voice actors/actresses is as follows:

–Riley McShane – Leon S. Kennedy
–Chaney Crabb – Jill Valentine
–Gerard Vachon – Chris Redfield
–Danielle Evans – Claire Redfield
–Sébastien Croteau – The Nemesis
–Roxana BL – Female zombie
–David AB – Male zombie

“We were absolutely thrilled to be able to work with them,” Sebastien adds. “Not only are they insanely talented metal vocalists, but they played their parts perfectly as voice actors and actresses. We can’t wait for the metal and gaming community to hear what they have done for the game.”

“I’ve been playing Resident Evil since its inception in the 90s on the original PlayStation, so hearing myself in the part of Leon is still something a little bit unbelievable to me. Getting to hear the other characters come to life by the voices of my friends and colleagues – some of which I have toured the world with – is also just so amazing.” – Riley McShane, Allegaeon

“It was an absolute honor working on the new Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil chapter release alongside other amazing vocalists that I admire! I love playing Dead by Daylight, so hearing myself as Claire in the game was a surreal experience!” – Danielle Evans, Stridskvinna

“Being able to work on a project that harkens back to something that resounded so strongly with me as a child is a bit mind-blowing! Not to mention getting to work with these incredibly talented people that I’ve looked up to who’ve brilliantly brought these characters to life.” – Gerard Vachon

“It is an honor to not only be a part of this chapter of Dead By Daylight and the Resident Evil franchise as the voice of the legendary Jill Valentine, but to be able to work alongside incredible metal vocalists to make these characters come to life.” – Chaney Crabb, Entheos

The game is available now on PlayStation, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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