THE GREAT DISCORD “Echoes” EP out today on Spotify

- August 27th, 2015 –

Available at other digital and streaming services on 9/18

Sweden’s THE GREAT DISCORD, who just unleashed their debut full-length album Duende in June, are pleased to announce that their new EP Echoes is now available for streaming on Spotify and will be available at other digital outlets and streaming services such as iTunes, Amazon, Google, Apple Music, and Rdio on 9/18. The Echoes EP contains a version of the track “The Aging Man” performed simply with a piano and Fia Kemp’s striking vocals (music video coming shortly!), two cover tracks, and radio edits for their songs “The Aging Man” and “Ephemeral.” Listen now on Spotify HERE.

Here is what the band has to say about the new EP:

Greetings everyone,

This may come a little unexpected, but we are releasing a digital EP, entitled Echoes, tomorrow through Spotify, and a little later through other digital outlets. The reason for this EP is to give you another glimpse into what we are as a musical collective, but in a slightly different musical costume. The title simply refers to the function of an alternative version, serving an an echo of something that already exists. Which, incidentally, is another concept tying this together. Tabula Rasa, and how we become who we are through interactions with others. And of course, since we love Pink Floyd we could not resist the name.

The EP includes a very special and intimate version of The Aging Man, along with homages to the amazing Deftones, and The Mars Volta, two bands that have been a part of our lives for a very long time and inspired us immensely though their creativity and originality.

The cover art for this release was made by our very own André Axell. The music was captured by us, and yet again mixed / mastered by the eminent Niels Nielsen at Secret Location Studio.

We do hope you’ll like it.


Sweden has been a fertile ground for metal of all varieties for multiple decades, and there appears to be no sign that this will change anytime soon. The variety and quality of bands is staggering, and Metal Blade Records is prepared to help add THE GREAT DISCORD to the list of one of Sweden’s finest new groups. The band’s cornerstone is with the enigmatic vocals of Fia Kempe. Her tone and delivery is immensely emotive and is augmented by a band whose sound is impossible to describe. It’s technical, heavy, and yet not so much to overwhelm those not anointed in metal. What’s important is that THE GREAT DISCORD offers a truly unique twist on both metal, and what is to be expected from a female-fronted band.

One of the most unique things about THE GREAT DISCORD is their visual presentation, which has been showcased not only in their live performance, but also in a series of video teasers and a full-length video for their album single “The Aging Man” that can be viewed HERE.

Fia Kempe – vocals
Aksel Holmgren – drums
AndrĂ© Axell – guitars
Gustav Almberg – guitars
Rasmus Carlson – bass

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THE GREAT DISCORD‘s full-length debut Duende made Revolver Magazine’s Album of the Week on 6/08/15.

With a deliberate inharmonious approach that keeps the listener on his/her toes, one can never predict where each song takes you. Imbalance, disharmony, discordancy, disunion are all words that describe the mix of sounds on ‘Duende,’ all which center around the strong vocals of Fia Kempe to create a beautiful work of artMetal Underground

The Great Discord are brave musicians ho embrace disharmony in the way of unpredictable melodies and adventurous songwriting… An open mind and ear are prerequisites for this album, but the rewards are great.Terrorizer Magazine

Together with the powerful production [Duende] creates a strangely unsettling atmosphere that is hard to put into words. You just have to hear it for yourself.9/10

They swoop brutally over a raw, dramatic, cinematic and multi-colored canvas where not a single space left to chanceSweden Rock

The Great Discord are just being themselves, cherry picking elements from genres and throwing them all together making for an incredibly engaging listen. Creating solid riffing when needed and the more post rock echoing when it’s time to tuck the listener in. Make no mistake Duende is most certainly a curveball, mysterious, progressive at times atonal but with name like The Great Discord, you wouldn’t expect anything else.The Metalist

A truly remarkable album, encompassing so much emotion, passion and honestyMetal Temple

Driving in every sense of the word, Duende could be another standard for progressive metal compatriots striving to attain new heights in the genre.Dead Rhetoric

Duende is full of catchy rhythms, riffs, and vocals that will ensnare your mind and come back to you again and again, playing over and over in your subconscious.The Grim Tower

Imagine djent, thrash, doom, prog and black metal all rolled into one, and the result is The Great DiscordSkulls n Bones

[The Great Discord] show such high levels of progressive movement in their range of styles, their execution and even to their mystique and cinematic vision shows that they are a band to look at for the future.Ghost Cult Magazine

The band have set out to make a connection with like minded listeners, which in an industry which is very much in a state of flux right now, their vision is certainly the right goal which should see them through.Rock n Reel Reviews

This is one powerfully adept album that creeps up and totally mesmerizes with awe inspiring rhythms that haunt and tease. Fia’s voice is captivating and has that pull that draws you closer into her world, reinforcing the dark dynamics of the band as a whole. I wasn’t overly enamored at the beginning but now I am a true believer!4/5 review RAMzine

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