RXPTRS Share “Rock Bottom (Is a Stepping Stone)” Video

- April 12th, 2022 –

Watch “Rock Bottom (Is a Stepping Stone)” here: youtu.be/SZg1W6YbRW8

Living Without Death’s Permission Arrives June 24 via Metal Blade Records

Bristol, UK-based band RXPTRS – who blend rock, metal, punk, and hardcore with a seamlessness that is enviable, creating something that is unique that seethes with boundless energy – have announced their forthcoming album Living Without Death’s Permission, out June 24 via Blacklight Media/Metal Blade Records. Pre-order it here: blacklightmediarecords.com/rxptrs

The album will come in two vinyl variants. The EU/UK Exclusive is White/Black Marble while the US Exclusive is Transparent Pink.

Today, RXPTRS, who were tipped by Alternative Press as one of 20 UK bands you need to know, have dropped the official video for “Rock Bottom (Is a Stepping Stone).” Watch it here: youtu.be/SZg1W6YbRW8

Money and religion don’t compute,” says singer Simon Roach, pulling back the curtain on the song’s genesis. “I’ve always found it farcical when those two worlds collide. During the pandemic, I saw a millionaire televangelist asking for money – from people poorer than himself – so he could cure them of COVID. He was basically lying to their faces. I saw red and wrote this song.

Roach continues, “We knew we had to make this video and portray what this man was doing, in our own way. I think this situation and these things are some of lowest, darkest forms of our nature. We wanted to show the exploitation. As we developed the idea, it got darker and more angry. So we had to take a step back, and focus on the funnier side of it. It truly is farcical so it deserves a parody.

Living Without Death’s Permission track listing:
01. Burning Pages
02. Rock Bottom (Is a Stepping Stone)
03. Dead Awake (Pretty as the Drugs We Take)
04. Demons in My Headphones
05. Collapse
06. Gutterflies
07. The Death Rattle
08. Cold Ground
09. The Frail
10 Let Me Die How I Want

RXPTRS (pronounced “Raptors”) are a new wave of British rock. The energetic quintet combines ferocious grit with an ear for melody. Built upon the backdrop of the UK, the fiercely creative, long-term friends set out with a sonic mission statement to not succumb to a single barrier, to push boundaries and go beyond the limit of genres, creating a raw sound that is unmistakably their own. Each raucous track is laced with lyrical depth as RXPTRS lay it all on the line. They state, “Music is a vessel, this is how we channel the experiences that have shaped us. This is how we bare our scars.” Quickly becoming renowned for their explosive live performances, the group’s hardcore following continues to grow. Their workhorse mentality towards touring has seen them light up stages across the UK and Europe alongside the likes of Escape the Fate, King 810, As It Is, Light the Torch, and more. RXPTRS‘ visceral energy continues to infect the population as they cut their teeth on the live scene, with no sign of slowing, they’re truly hellbent on showing everyone the way of the RXPTR.

Simon Roach – Vocals
Ian Chadderton – Guitar
Harley Watson – Guitar
Sam Leworthy – Bass
Mat Capper – Drums


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