PYRITHION releases “The Invention of Hatred” guitar performance demo

- April 10th, 2013 –

“The Burden of Sorrow” to be released April 16th on Metal Blade Records

It’s a struggle for some bands to get started, while others appear to seamlessly come together. With years of perspective and experience, the three members of Pyrithion – Tim Lambesis, Ryan Glisan, and Andy Godwin – have created a dark and intense death metal record almost overnight. The individual members’ prior success aside, the music speaks for itself. A brand new guitar demonstration video for The Invention of Hatred has been made available on-line. Fans can watch Ryan Glisan play through the song here:

Ryan Glisan adds, “In cooperation with Jackson Guitars, I have decided to start doing a series of demonstration videos as well as youtube lessons and product demos, so to start, here is a quick play-through demonstration video of the Pyrithion song “The Invention of Hatred” off our upcoming EP, “The Burden of Sorrow”, which we will be releasing via Metal Blade Records April 16.

Pyrithion’s debut release, The Burden of Sorrow, stands as a showcase of what the members are capable of putting together over what merely amounted to an extended weekend. The total potential in Pyrithion is incredible and there is much anticipation for how the band will continue to develop as they prepare for a full length record.

Watch the lyric video for The Invention of Hatred at and pre-order your copy at

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