Pentagram Auditioning Guitarists; European Tour Starts On Halloween In Bristol UK!

- October 25th, 2012 –

Pentagram to tour the UK for the first time in over 40-year career

Legendary heavy metal pioneers and doom metal innovators PENTAGRAM are auditioning new guitar players. As previously announced, the revered guitarist Victor Griffin is performing his farewell shows during the Oct/Nov European Relentless Tour. He’ll be focusing on his solo career from this point on and the band and fans wish him all the best. Victor will forever be an important part of the “Ram Family.”

PENTAGRAM is now searching for the perfect player who can easily play the blazing, early blues-based, hard rock, proto-metal of the late Vincent McAllister as well as the doom metal mastery of the one and only Victor Griffin. Tone, chops, appearance, tour experience & availability (US and abroad so a passport is required), song writing skills, and sobriety are all important factors. The band will be writing/recording their follow up to the acclaimed Metal Blade release, Last Rites this coming December and January.

Someone who is close to the Washington, DC area is preferred but exceptions will be made for the perfect player.

For songs and video of the band, visit:

Please submit a short bio, a photo, and audio or video of you playing. PENTAGRAM song covers are preferred and the following songs are suggested:

“Wolf’s Blood”
“All Your Sins”
“Treat Me Right”
“When the Screams Come”
“Forever My Queen”
“20 Buck Spin”

Please send submissions to:
In other news, PENTAGRAM is gearing up to tour Europe and the dates will commence with the band’s first ever UK tour. In a celebration of Victor Griffin’s time with the band, PENTAGRAM will be playing the Decibel Magazine Hall of Fame album, Relentless, in its entirety. After the doom pioneers first-ever UK show in London in 2011, Bobby Leibling and the boys return for four shows with Gentlemans Pistols as support, kicking off in Bristol at The Fleece.

Tour w/ Gentlemans Pistols
10/31 Bristol, UK The Fleece
11/01 London, UK Garage
11/02 Manchester, UK Academy 3
11/04 Glasgow, UK Ivory Black
End Tour
11/06 Kopenhagen, DK Loppen
11/07 Gothenburg, SE Truckstop Alaska
11/08 Oslo, NO John Dee
11/09 Stockholm, SE Slakthuset
11/10 Würzburg, DE Hammer Of Doom Festival

Here’s what the press had to say about PENTAGRAM’s latest release LAST RITES:

“No one has done doom better, for longer, than Bobby Liebling.” SPIN Magazine

“an unsung American counterpart to Black Sabbath” San Francisco Weekly

“The band may have inspired legions of disciples — Hank III, Jack White’s Dead Weather, and Witchcraft have all covered its songs — but its latest album, Last Rites, proves Liebling and company aren’t living in the past.” San Francisco Weekly

“Bobby Liebling’s vocals proved to be haunting yet comforting at the same time. The man has lost a lot to demons that kept him from achieving rock stardom decades ago, but his voice remains as powerful as it was then.” LA Weekly

“Liebling’s brooding bellow goes head to head with Griffin’s menacing guitar, each seeming to egg the other on to a darker and more sinister sound.” Washington Post

“Despite a seven-year hiatus since the band’s previous studio release, Last Rites shows that Pentagram still has plenty to say – and say well.” Washington Post

“Sixteen-ton riffs…tunes that trudge by like a funeral procession…monolithic, bottom-heavy buzz” Las Vegas Review-Journal

“sun-burnished grooves, warm tones and more hooks than a fisherman’s convention… Last Rites is the sound of rebirth.” Terrorizer Magazine

“just as moody, punishing, and mind-altering as the band’s cult masterworks like 1987′s Day of Reckoning. Contrary to its title, Last Rites marks a new beginning for the sober frontman and his band.” Revolver Magazine

“this lineup also includes the guitarist from their influential 80s work, Victor Griffin, whose skill at cranking out heavy and ornate guitar riffs remains unmatched by anyone but Tony Iommi.” 9/10, Outburn Magazine

Last Rites is incredible: 40 years and seven albums later, things are better than ever.” Zero Tolerance Magazine (UK)

“What’s so arresting here is the sheer level of songwriting nous – the pure understanding of what a song is. It’s on the same plateau as Manilla Road, Creedence Clearwater Revival, even Fleetwood Mac.” Zero Tolerance Magazine (UK)

“Their blend of classic metal and proto-doom retains its potency on this seventh studio album.” Kerrang! Magazine

“Never have the guitar tones on a Pentagram record sounded as rich, full, and menacing as they do on Last Rites.” Washington City Paper

Pentagram delivers some knock-out doom rock. They are heavier than a two ton brick!” Hails and Horns Magazine

“Accessible and comparatively compact in arrangement, yet filled with monolithic Griffin riffs, Last Rites is an exceptional example of an album that should appeal to doom/stoner rock devotees and fans of the harder end of ’70s classic rock.”

Last Rites is a mini-milestone in itself for the pure fact it actually made it to tape.”

“a smattering of hardened, tune-downed riffs”

“It is heavy, hooky and one of the nicest surprises of 2011.” 9.5/10

“The most widely anticipated doom release in the last decade.”

Pentagram is back, and with one hell of a vengeance! Shortly put, this is one of the best releases from the band, and worthy of praise as much as ‘Day Of Reckoning’. This is a monstrous rollercoaster ride, all in full riff-o-rama.”

“It’s hard to believe that such a heavy, forceful tune is four decades old”

Last Rites isn’t about recapturing something that’s already in the past, but about showing Pentagram is still a vital band 40 years on”

“The Acid Rock Feeling is still there and Pentagram’s style can absolutely still be recognized.”

“A refreshing call back to the days when metal was raw and gritty.”

“These tracks capture the true magic between Liebling and Griffin with spell bounding results showing a Pentagram that despite all those wasted years, has finally come of age!” Battlehelm UK

“Despite the vintage material, this is very much in the vein of the bands 80s output, Liebling’s distinctive vocals – still convincing as he miraculously approaches his sixth decade – soaring above the strong riffs and aided by a warm and powerful production.” Record Collector Magazine

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