Nuclear Power Trio Drops New Video for the Song “Critical Bass Theory”

- August 3rd, 2023 –

“Wet Ass Plutonium” Out Now!

Watch the video for Critical Bass Theory, HERE.

The time is finally upon us. Nuclear Power Trio‘s sophomore release, Wet Ass Plutonium, is now out for the world to rock out to. To honor this momentous occasion, the nuclear three have dropped a video for the track Critical Bass Theory directed by K Hunter Lamar.

Donny had this to say about the new music video: “So Critical Bass Theory is one of the greatest songs, probably ever recorded. Everyone says so! We decided to film a performance video inside our compound, which is easily the greatest band rehearsal space/superhero lair ever. We needed someone amazingly famous who could tickle the ivories for us, so we invited a very, very special guest… our great friend Lizzy, the Queen of England! And you know what, she really did such a tremendous job… just an incredibly fantastic job. She really brings the video to life! Hope you all enjoy the playing, because it’s the best!

Here’s what press has had to say about the album so far:

their brand of ridiculously broad- ranging, technical, progressive music welcomes sun, fun, and being dumbOutburn Magazine (taken from upcoming issue)

Wet Ass Plutonium is a roaring success. Don’t be fooled by the silly masks and (hilarious) puns: they’re an excuse to play some genuinely great music. It’s triumphant, catchy, and just a whole heap of fun. If you can listen to songs like ‘W.A.P. (Wet Ass Plutonium)’ and not feel the (nuclear) energy, I don’t know how to help you. Who says metal has to be serious?AngryMetalGuy

Pitched somewhere between explosive shred and lissom fusion, NUCLEAR POWER TRIO’s sound makes the most of the technical skills of everyone involved, but Wet Ass Plutonium NUCLEAR POWER TRIO offers more than endless showmanship for fellow six-string warriors to froth over.Blabbermouth

Wet Ass Plutonium is very, very strong on tunes, and despite many bewildering, “how the fuck did they do that?” moments, these songs are accessible, absorbing and a vast amount of head-spinning fun.Blabbermouth

Wet Ass Plutonium has both a sillier name, and a much broader sonic palette than A Clear and Present Rager, successfully one-upping it in every way, including the pun department.” 8/10 DistortedSoundMag

This is a great album. I have listened to it three times today, and it is going in regular rotation here at Shardik Media Headquarters. Recommended.” FlyingFiddleSticks


Nuclear Power Trio is a glorious balance of ridiculous technical proficiency, over the top comedic imagery and the ability to take themselves seriously as musicians without sacrificing any of the humour and fun they’ve worked to create.Ramzine

I love a good instrumental metal/jazz/fusion album, but even if you don’t, I can’t imagine anyone being anything but amazed and utterly entertained after listening to this album.” 4.5/5 MetalEpidemic

The music of this crazy trio will not give us rest from the beginning until the end, with the musicians involved quite active in every second of the songs. Especially the man who plays the bass, who I don’t know how he does it, but he has an incredible speed to play slapping notes, something that I think would be difficult for a master of this style to mimic, such as the amazing Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.” TheDarkMelody

Watch the video for Nyetflix and Chill, HERE

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Fans can order the new album, Wet Ass Plutonium, which is available on CD, vinyl, digitally, and part of a bundle including a shirt, at:

01. W.A.P. (Wet Ass Plutonium)
02. Apocalypse Mao
03. Nyetflix and Chill
04. Air Force Fun
05. Snark Side of the Un
06. ¡Vamos, Brandito!
07. Anti-Saxxers (Mandatory Saxination)
08. Critical Bass Theory
09. Red Scare Bear Stare

About the band:
It’s been three years since Planet Earth’s most unanimously cherished year, Two Thousand and Twenty. Beloved amongst the Tellurian inhabitants for a multitude of reasons, the year’s standout contribution was unequivocally the release of Nuclear Power Trio‘s, “A Clear and Present Rager“. The EP’s unrelenting fervor for igniting peace via nylon-guitar-fueled fus-djent resonated bigly with audiences across the globe and triggered a shift in the collective consciousness of humanity.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction; we saw the trillionaire tech overlords from the year 2179 unleash a torrent of schemes to prevent the trio from creating world peace. Thankfully, not a single mission enacted prevailed, including multiple attempts utilizing the Ol’ Dirty Wizard T-800.

Unsuccessful and defeated, the overlords in the Wealthy Entitled Fartsniffers faded out of the picture faster than Marty McFly’s hoverboard kickflip, leaving NPIII to continue their quest with 2023′s triumphant return, “Wet Ass Plutonium“.

We’ve yet to see what adversarial components the group may go up against this time, although the album artwork and some of the song titles provide some interesting foreshadowing: reptilians, sardonic cartoon bears, and angry mobs of anti-saxxers loom as potential obstacles for the triumphant supergroup. As uncertain as the future remains in this turbulent zeitgeist, one thing is for sure…Peace sells, so start buying!

Band photo by: Kyle Lamar

Nuclear Power Trio is:
Supreme Drums: Kimmy
Tremendous Guitar: Donny
KGBass: Vladi P

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