Metal Blade teams up with Indie Recordings to release the latest Sahg and Sarke albums in North America

- January 9th, 2014 –

Metal Blade Records has partnered up with Norway’s Indie Recordings to release new albums from the label’s ever expanding roster. Indie Recordings has become one of the leading independent record labels in Scandinavia, releasing gold-record status albums from bands including Kvelertak and Satyricon. Indie Recordings have mainly focused on developing Norwegian acts such as: 1349, Kvelertak, Satyricon, Enslaved, God Seed, Keep Of Kalessin, and more. For more information, visit

To begin the new partnership, Metal Blade Records is proud to officially release Sahg’s Delusions of Grandeur” and Sarke’sAruagint” throughout North America. Both albums will be released in stores and on-line on February 18th, 2014.

Sahg’sDelusions of Grandeur” was released in Europe on October 28th of 2013. The album received high praise from press, with Metal Hammer UK declaring that it’s “their strongest record yet”, and simply calling “Delusions of Grandeur” “Challenging and beautiful.” Fans of recent releases from Opeth, Uncle Acid & the deadbeats, and Mastodon would do well to listen to Sahg! Watch the video for “Slip Off the Edge of the Universe” and pre-order at

Delusions Of Grandeur is a concept record about a person, whose delusions of grandeur escalate to the level where they consume him completely,” explains SAHG’s Olav Iversen (vocals, guitar). “From becoming increasingly psychopathic and dominant, he loses touch with everyone around him and isolates into his own imaginary, psychotic world, where he becomes the almighty ruler of the universe. As he stands on the highest peak of his domain and beholds all that he has conquered, he suddenly slips off the edge and floats away, weightless. Helpless and stripped of all power, he drifts further into the open space, until he disappears into the darkness. It’s an album about how desire for power and property can distort and destroy who we are.”

Olav Iversen – vocals and guitars
Thomas Tofthagen – guitars
Tony Vetaas – bass and vocals
Thomas Lønnheim – drums and percussion

Sarke released “Aruagint” on September 23rd throughout Europe. “Aruagint” is the third album from the band that features: Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone),  Sarke (Tulus, Khold, Old Man’s Child), Steinar Gundersen (Satyricon, Spiral Architect), and Asgeir Mickelson (Spiral Architect, ex-Borknagar). Sarke is most definitely for fans of Darkthrone, Tulus, Khold. Fans can listen to “Walls of Ru” and pre-order “Aruagint” now at

“Our music is inspired by the great 70′s rock bands, 80′s speed metal bands and 90′s black metal bands. Put this together with the creative mind of the band and you get pure dark rock music sounding clear, raw and honest.”Sarke