New Armored Saint “Delirious Nomad” retro shirts available now!

- August 16th, 2017 –

Two new “Delirious Nomad” tour shirts have been raised from the dead! These shirts are reproductions of actual tour shirts pulled from the band’s closet. The 3/4 sleeve raglan design was printed for the band’s 1986 US tour, and the ’87 shirt was printed for Armored Saint‘s 1987 world tour.

The shirts are available for pre-order August 16th-September 6th in limited quantities and expected to ship beginning September 22nd.

Delirious Nomad Tour ’86 – Raglan – Buy Here

Delirious Nomad Tour ’87 – T-Shirt – Buy Here

Two other Delirious Nomad shirts are available for immediate purchase at:

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