New albums from Diagonal, Troubled Horse, and Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

- October 22nd, 2012 –

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Metal Blade Records is proud to present the latest batch of Rise Above Records releases to hit North American shores. Rise Above has consistently been unearthing some of Europe’s finest treasures (see: Ghost, Electric Wizard, Witchcraft) from the vibrant underground scenes spanning from London, to Stockholm, and more. This time around, progressive jazz/rock newcomers Diagonal, Swedish rock outfit Troubled Horse, and a re-issue of the Uncle Acid & the deadbeats debut will all be released on November 20th. Below, you’ll find details about each album and band, as well as links to hear new music.

About Diagonal:
Diagonal are very much at the forefront of a new wave of bands inspired by and exploring the musical stylings of the underground Progressive Rock bands of the early seventies. Ironically playing their progressive music with very much with the same attitude and the kind of embattled revolutionary zeal that came to symbolise the movement which buried their influences.

A seven piece from Brighton on the UK’s south coast, all in their mid twenties, Diagonal are: Alex Crispin (Vocals, Organ), Luke Foster (Drums), Nick Richards (Guitar), Dave Wileman (Guitar), Dan Pomlett (Bass), Nick Whitaker (Sax/Clarinet/Flute/Vocals) and Ross Hossack (Synth). With the exception of Dan the entire band grew up together and attended Heath End School in Farnham. They came together over the same sections of the same record shops, soon realising that remarkably, they had a shared obsession with Space Rock, Prog Rock and even Jazz Rock bands such as Colosseum and Nucleus.

Listen to Voyage / Paralysis and order The Second Mechanism at

About Troubled Horse:
Troubled Horse is a hotly-tipped heavy garage rock band from Orebro, Sweden. A town that brought us a second wave of vitally cool hard rock bands such as Witchcraft and Graveyard. Coincidentally, Troubled Horse features three members of the original Witchraft line-up, one of which (bassist Ola Henriksson) is still a current member. Lead guitarist John Hoyles parted ways from Witchcraft a few years ago to concentrate on his other band, Spiders and these frantic rockers, of course.

Despite the collective members association with the aforementioned band and origins, Troubled Horse is most definitely an institution in its own right. The raw and melodic song writing skills of singer/guitarist Martin Heppich combines the hard edged spirit of 70′s US bands such as Dust and Pentagram, with an altogether more soulful 60′s MC5 vibe, making them very unique and fresh. Just what the rock and metal scene needs right now!

Troubled Horse has built a cult following over the past few years and Step Inside is hugely anticipated by fans. Crammed full of instantly memorable hard rocking, foot-stomping anthems such as Shirleen, One Step Closer to my Grave, and Fear, Troubled Horse are ready for action and ready to be heard!

Listen to One Step Closer to My Grave and order Step Inside at

About Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats:
Who are this mysterious bunch known as Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats? We are not able to shed much light on the identity of this drug-crazed coven of freaks but are addicted to their heavy, melodic, garage horror-rock sounds.

Until now, their releases have only been available via mail order and have sold-out instantly, commanding extremely high prices on eBay, such is the demand.

Their music brings back the dark spirit of true rock and roll conjured up by this anonymous cult of horror worshipping fiends. Uncle Acid has come to kill!

Blood Lust is a re-issue Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats’ highly sought 2011 self-released EP. A new album is currently in progress and is scheduled to be released sometime in 2013.

Listen to I’ll Cut You Down and order Blood Lust at

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