Metal Blade to Reissue Liege Lord “Burn to My Touch” and “Master Control” on LP and Digi-CD

- January 26th, 2023 –

Two undisputed classics of American Power / Thrash Metal from Liege Lord will be reissued tomorrow, January 27th, by Metal Blade Records. Both albums recently celebrated their 30th Anniversary and were give the Patrick Engel remastering treatment for the best possible sound quality at his Temple Of Disharmony studio.

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LIEGE LORD – Burn to My Touch
Side A (12:20):
01. Transgressor
02. Birds of Prey
03. Cast Out
04. Portrait of Despair

Side B (18:18):
05. Black Lit Knights
06. The Manic’s Mask
07. Legend
08. Walking Fire
09. Speed of Sound

LIEGE LORD – Master Control
Side A (20:43):
01. Fear Itself
02. Eye of the Storm
03. Master Control
04. Kill the King
05. Soldiers’ Fortune

Side B (21:34):
06. Feel the Blade
07. Broken Wasteland
08. Rapture
09. Suspicion
10. Fallout

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