Mantar: “Pain Is Forever and This Is The End” Hits Official German Album Charts at #2

- July 28th, 2022 –

Band Issues “Of Frost And Decay” Playthrough Video

Pain Is Forever And This Is The End, the latest full-length from German metal duo MANTAR out now on Metal Blade Records, reached the #2 spot on the Official German Album Charts! The record charted in Switzerland, Austria, and the US as well.

#2 Germany
#45 Switzerland
#60 US (Current Hard Music Albums)
#69 Austria
#84 US (Top New Artists)

Additionally, the band has just unveiled a playthrough for the track “Of Frost And Decay.” Check it out HERE.

Founded in 2012, MANTAR stands among the leading forces in extreme metal within the last ten years. The band’s most diverse and multifaceted album to date, Pain Is Forever And This Is The End sees the band taking things to an entirely new level, the songs boasting more melody and an array of guitar tones, influenced in no small part by the artists the pair covered on 2020′s Grungetown Hooligans II collection which featured MANTAR interpretations of songs from the likes of L7, Mudhoney, Sonic Youth, and The Jesus Lizard, formative bands from their respective youths Lyrically, the songs delve deep, pondering a variety of uncomfortable questions about mortality, spirituality, and the illusion of “belonging” in a world that’s unraveling and growing more fragmented by the day.

Watch MANTAR‘s previously released videos for “Grim Reaping” HERE, “Odysseus” HERE, and “Hang ‘Em Low (So The Rats Can Get ‘Em)” HERE.

Pain Is Forever And This Is The End is available on CD, LP, and digital formats. Preview and purchase the record at:

…their latest studio album may be their best yet… a burning Molotov cocktail of black metal, sludgy hardcore and classic metal hooks…” – Decibel Magazine

The noise rocking blackened sludge hasn’t been entirely extracted from the MANTAR nous, but what they built their name on now acts more as a supporting undercurrent, taking a back seat to thicker grooves, anthemic refrains, head nodding rhythms and a greater exploitation of the fist-in-the-air-ology school of songwriting.” – Metal Injection

Pain Is Forever… skillfully keeps the balance between brute destructive fury and dense atmosphere in widescreen format with real underground hit potential.” – RockHard

…a single body of mad-eyed and bruising work. MANTAR have undergone a subtle transformation, and now they are more lethal than ever.” – Blabbermouth

…this is a record of honest-to-goodness blackened punk-metal anthems, each one as devastatingly catchy, deliriously groovy, and dynamically hefty as the next.” – No Clean Singing

…they’ve made the album of their career so far; so buckle up and get ready for forty minutes of blackened punk that’ll give you the kick up the ass you’ve been waiting for.” – Distorted Sound

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