GWAR’s Really Important News!

- January 10th, 2014 –

Today the mighty GWAR announced they would be bringing the most insane spectacle in Rock ‘n Roll all the way from Antarctica to the Land of the Rising Sun. After 28 years of relentless touring, recording and general mayhem, GWAR is finally playing Japan!

“A lot of people think we have played there already because of our album, Live at Mt. Fuji,” said lead front-thing Oderus Urungus. “But that was in fact recorded in the future!”

After playing the gigantic Soundwave Festival in Australia, GWAR will travel north to play two exclusive shows in Japan, where legions of GWAR fans have been waiting patiently for years for their chance to die in the presence of their hulking metal overlords. Their wishes shall at last come true on Thursday, March 6th at Club Quattro in Osaka, Japan, and Friday, March 7th at Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo.

Tickets for the shows will be available during the Creative Man pre-sale January 13th – 17th.  There will also be a presale opportunity on Japan’s most important metal radio program “Power Rock Today” hosted by Masa Ito on January 18th.  The local Ticketmaster presale will run from January 19th – 24th HERE and the general public on sale begins January 25th.  For more Japanese GWAR news, be sure to follow @gwarjapanet on Twitter.

GWAR will bring their full show, featuring all the carnage, spew, and metallic mayhem that has enslaved legions of fans in North America and beyond. This of course means spontaneous beheadings and disembowelments shall be the order of the day, and a bloody attack by mutant cyborg Sawborg Destructo is sure to occur. GWAR will certainly fight back with their pulsing spew-cannon, the Biledriver, and Oderus has pledged to “blow wad everywhere” creating legions of mutated sex slaves to spread the disease of GWAR across the entire country. Even more alarming are the continued sightings of GWAR‘s mighty pet Tyrannosaurus Rex, Gor-Gor, which have been coming ever closer to the region.

“But the biggest reason we are going there is to reward all of those loyal and patient Japanese GWAR fans with what they have been yearning for in their blackest of dreams…an actual GWAR show,” proclaims Oderus Urnugus.

Battle Maximus can be ordered from Metal Blade Records HERE, Amazon and iTunes.

2/22/14: Soundwave Festival Brisbane
2/23/14: Soundwave Festival Sydney
2/28/14: Soundwave Festival Melbourne
3/1/14: Soundwave Festival Adelaide
3/3/14: Soundwave Festival Perth

Japanese Invasion:
3/6: Osaka, Japan @ Club Quattro
3/7: Tokyo, Japan @ Akasaka Blitz



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