Galactic Cowboys “Evil Twin” – new Throwback Thursday video of the week!

- March 23rd, 2017 –

In celebration of Metal Blade Records‘ 35th anniversary, a recently digitized video from the archives will be launched every Thursday on the label’s official YouTube channel. These videos have never been officially uploaded by the label, and some are not currently available anywhere else online. Previous Throwback Thursday videos include classic cuts from Lizzy Borden, Candlemass, Nevada Beach, Skrew, and more. Watch the latest video and more at the official YouTube playlist.

This week’s installment is Galactic Cowboys “Evil Twin” from the group’s 1997 album “The Horse That Bud Bought.” Download or stream the album via the digital music provider of your choice:

About Galactic Cowboys:
“Ga-lac-tic (g-lak’tik), adj. 1. Of or obtained from milk.
Cow-boy (kou’boi’), n. A ranch worker who rides horseback on his job of herding cattle.” -Webster’s New World Dictionary

There was a sonic ripple (sort of near Katy…but not really) in the otherwise peaceful universe of Houston, Texas. A quartet of dashing young men took the stage claiming to be the Houston Astros. Unbeknownst to them, that name had already been taken. So, they settled for the logical “next best thing” the Galactic Cowboys.

In 1990, they signed with DGC (Geffen) and released two critically acclaimed CD’s, Galactic Cowboys self-title (1991) , and Space In Your Face (1993). In 1995, the band moved to Metal Blade Records and recorded Machine Fish (1996) followed by the EP, Feel The Rage, also released in 1996 (which included covers by Paul McCartney’s Wings and Kiss). The Horse That Bud Bought (1997), At The End Of The Day (1998), and Let it Go (2000) followed.

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