Exumer vocalist Mem von Stein featured in new Qi Gong exercise DVD

- April 2nd, 2013 –

Mem von Stein, known for his work as the vocalist for influential thrash metal band, Exumer, is also a fitness enthusiast. Stein is a second degree Kung Fu Wu Su instructor, and also teaches Kung Fu and Qi Gong. Stein appears in a new QiGong exercise DVD that is available now at endorphins-body.com. A trailer for the DVD is available on youtube.com.

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese system of exercises that combine movement with breathing techniques in order to cultivate and circulate “Qi” in the body. Qi translates into energy that is generated via breathing and is a life source. The Chinese believe that Qi or air is as important as food and can heal or prevent illness. For more information, visit http://www.endorphins-body.com

Mem von Stein comments: “In my late 20s, I decided for myself that I was looking for something spiritual but outside of any organized religion or belief system. I found Kung Fu Wu Su was the perfect combination of body, mind and spirit. The system addressed all three spheres that I felt I had neglect at the time.”

EXUMER released their latest album, Fire & Damnation, in April of this year. The album, described by Bloody Disgusting as a “blistering, arcing, glorious moshfest”, is the band’s third full length release and first since 1987′s Rising from the Sea. EXUMER’s debut album, Possessed by Fire, holds exalted status in the thrash underground as being one of the best releases of its era. And now, in 2012, EXUMER has returned to the stage, many years wiser, and as electrifying as ever. Fans can watch the video for the title track Fire & Damnation at metalblade.com/exumer.

“Rather simple, yet very catchy, riffing, a mid-paced gallop, some nice bass work, etc., all are dutifully included. However, although rather simple and retro, Exumer know what works and are able to deliver an enjoyable album.” About.com

“This isn’t your grandfathers high-pitched, treble-heavy thrash attack, but instead a nice and honest blend of the bands current influences with the undeniable metal cred of Mensh and Stein.” Zero Tolerance Magazine (UK)

‘Fire & Damnation’ exceeds Exumer’s most classic material by light years, truly capturing the pure essence of the old school era which was sorely needed, but could only be truly duplicated by its originating acts.” MetalUnderground.com


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