Entrails announces new line-up

- March 8th, 2016 –

Photo credit: Cassandra Bengtsson

After five successful years filled with four albums, some demos and splits, plus great shows and festivals around Europe, Entrails vocalist/bassist Jocke Svensson and drummer Adde Mitroulis have announced their departure from the band, with their last performance being at Netherlands Deathfest last week.

Guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist comments: “It has been a pleasure having those two guys in the band for all those years. Without them Entrails wouldn’t have made the albums and shows that happened in the past. Unfortunately their time just wasn’t enough anymore to give Entrails the time and focus that I wanted for doing even more shows and more intense work with the band. It is not easy to combine several other bands plus families when more time is needed to push Entrails even harder. And therefore the guys decided to leave in a friendly matter and what’s best for the band Entrails. We wish them all the best of luck in their other projects.”

Martin “Fjalar” Mikaelsson is the new man behind the drums; he is well known from bands such as Istapp, Nivlhel and Unchained. Tommy Carlsson will take over vocals and bass; he is known from bands such as Istapp, Nivlhel and Visceral Bleeding.

Martin comments: “I’m really looking forward to bringing death upon earth with Entrails as the new torturer of heads!”

Tommy adds: “I’m excited and proud that I will be a part of Entrails. I love old school death metal and I’m looking forward to continuing and making some brutal music with these guys!”

The first show with the new line-up will be in Stockholm, Sweden on March 26th. Entrails will continue on to deliver their signature, old school death metal!

Entrails line-up:
Jimmy Lundqvist – guitars
Pontus “Penki” Samuelsson – guitars
Tommy Carlsson – vocals/bass
Martin “Fjalar” Mikaelsson – drums

Entrails online:

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