Downfall of Gaia recap 2013 and look for a new drummer!

- January 9th, 2014 –

More than a year has passed since Downfall of Gaia released their Metal Blade debut Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes.” After tours of both the US and Europe, Downfall of Gaia has offered an update on the status of the band.

With more than 100 shows played in 2013, last year was the most intense in the history of this band so far! Three European Tours, a full US Tour, several single shows and festivals! Memories we will keep for a long time. We are still remembering those hot days in desert of New Mexico, on the other side those freezing cold nights in St. Petersburg, Russia. Driving down old Route66 (by mistake) or getting arrested at the border in Finland! We are pretty thankful for all the possibilities, adventures and places we were able to discover in the last couple of months, thankful for all of the amazing people we met around the globe and the new friends we made! Unfortunately intense touring can also have it’s bad and exhausting sides and people start to rethink about priorities in life. We also had our ups and downs and as a result of changing priorities we sadly have to announce that Hannes decided to leave the band and focus on other things in life! We respect his decision but we are also 100% willing to continue with a new drummer!

“We wish him all the best for his future. To keep things short – we are looking for a new drummer! If someone out there is serious about it – just drop us a line via and we will figure out the rest!

“Besides all of that, we are still looking forward to 2014 and some great plans that are in the making! Even with all of those circumstances – all planned shows will take place and no show will be cancelled! Feel free to spread the news and the word!

- Downfall of Gaia

Downfall of Gaia live:
20/06/14 FR – Clisson – Hellfest
21-25/07/14 SI – Tolmin – Metal Days

“Pitted somewhere between modern psychedelic black metal and barbed doom of Neurosis, there’s a cold smother to Downfall of Gaia’s sound that envelopes you like an iron winter fog. With a pallet so rich in shades of grey, Downfall of Gaia have crafted ‘Suffocating in The Swarm of Cranes’ to be as evocative as it is desolate.” Terrorizer Magazine – 4/5

“they have wrought huge atmospheric swathes that recall both Pelican and Neurosis and merged them with the glacial edge of post-black metal.”Metal Hammer UK

“an intelligent and imaginative unit capable of stealing your attention…an astonishing debut that is overflowing with promise.” 9/10, Outburn Magazine

“Downfall of Gaia make a huge statement with what could be one of the finest post metal records in recent memory.” – 4.5/5

“roiling guitar leads and disconsolate, screamed vocals that call to mind mountainous, barren countryside. There are rumbling drums like unstoppable mudslides, long reverberating notes like water seeping into rock, and gentle drones as soothing to the soul as steady, endless rain on the black earth.”

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