DOWNFALL OF GAIA launches official video clip for ‘In The Rivers Bleak’!

- October 15th, 2012 –

New album ‘Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes’ out now!

DOWNFALL OF GAIA have launched the first video clip in the history of the band. Surf over to the landing page at to check out the video for In The Rivers Bleak!

Comments DOWNFALL OF GAIA on the video: “We are very proud to present our brand-new video for In The Rivers Bleak! This video is filmed by John Bradburn and Andy Paton on a rainy English night and delivers in a perfect way the mood we tried to capture on this record. It’s completely filmed in black and white and it’s a view right inside the story of our new record.”

Suffocating In The Swarm of Cranes is a concept album about an individual’s struggles with living in modern, oft over-stimulated society.

Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes track listing:

1. [vulnus]
2. drowning by wing beats
3. in the rivers bleak
4. i fade away
5. beneath the crown of cranes
6. giving their heir to the masses
7. [asphyxia]

DOWNFALL OF GAIA started out as a crust band, but quickly developed further and have become much more difficult to compare to any other bands. Over the years, their songs became longer, slower, heavier; their influences range from doom to black metal, from down-tempo, to sludge, and hardcore. Their songs have an epic and majestic vibe, with enough musical peaks and valleys to keep listeners rooted firmly to the earth throughout 9:00+ minutes of music.

Since day one, the four-piece has been an active live band, not only performing in Germany, but also throughout the world: Italy, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and the United States have been witness to their live performances. No matter if they are playing a tiny club or a big festival, DOWNFALL OF GAIA are well known for their intense live shows.

“To pinpoint the Downfall Of Gaia sound is rather an exercise in futility, as the band have blended a mélange of genre-markers – from crust to black to hardcore to doom – with no small measure of tormented emotion and uplifting salvation.” Zero Tolerance – 5/6

“Pitted somewhere between modern psychedelic black metal and barbed doom of Neurosis, there’s a cold smother to Downfall of Gaia’s sound that envelopes you like an iron winter fog. With a pallet so rich in shades of grey, Downfall of Gaia have crafted ‘Suffocating in The Swarm of Cranes’ to be as evocative as it is desolate.” Terrorizer Magazine – 4/5

“Downfall of Gaia traverse more harrowing emotion than many bands do in their entire discographies. Both intensely atmospheric and relentlessly hard-hitting, the band takes hardcore fundamentals and pushes them to emotional extremes, flickering between fragility and ferocity.”

19/10/12 – DE – Aachen – AZ
20/10/12 – DE – Darmstadt – Oetinger Villa
26/10/12 – DE – Hamburg – Rote Flora – Release Show
01/11/12 – RU – Moscow – t.b.a.
02/11/12 – RU – Nizhniy Novgorod – t.b.a.
01/11/12 – RU – St. Petersburg – t.b.a.

Dominik Goncalves dos Reis – vocals/guitars
Peter Wolff – vocals/guitars
Anton Lisovoj – vocals/bass
Johannes Stoltenburg – drums

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