Destrage launches guitar play-through for “Host, Rifles And Coke”

- November 12th, 2015 –

Currently in writing and recording mode for their upcoming album, Italy’s Destrage has launched a new guitar play-through for the track, “Host, Rifles And Coke“, taken from their latest release, Are You Kidding Me? No. (2014). To watch Ralph Salati’s guitar tutorial, head over to:

Ralph Salati comments: “It has been pretty fun and challenging to propose again one of my favourite tunes from ‘AYKM?N‘ in the most detailed and meticulous way possible, still preserving the taste of a live performance.”

“Channeling the unbridled insanity of SikTh and making music that sounds like PsyOpus pulled through the Van Halen back catalogue” (, Destrage is known for their animated live show and three full-lengths of “zany metal”, which are “just straight up bonkers in the best way possible” ( To preview and purchase their latest album, Are You Kidding Me? No. please visit:

Destrage line-up:
Paolo Colavolpe – vocals
Matteo Di Gioia – guitar
Federico Paulovich – drums
Ralph Guido Salati – guitar
Gabriel Pignata – bass

Destrage online:

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