CUT UP stream new album “Forensic Nightmares” – album in stores June 30th!

- June 25th, 2015 –

Swedish death metal act, CUT UP, will release their debut album “Forensic Nightmares” tomorrow in Europe, and on June 30th in North America! A day ahead of release the band is streaming their slab of brutal death metal via the landing page at

Comments drummer Tobias Gustafsson: “I proudly present to you, our debut album Forensic Nightmares! Less than a year and a half after we started CUT UP, our hard work and determination has paid off and resulted in this blasterpiece. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the album! Forensic Nightmares clearly makes a statement about what CUT UP is all about, and what our mission is for the future. So don’t sit back and enjoy this, but bang your fucking heads while blasting it at maximum volume! Then repeat! Cheers!

Don’t forget to check out the two video clips the band has released in support of “Forensic Nightmares“! Visit for “Burial Time” and for ‘A Butchery Improved‘!

CUT UP are firing on all cylinders and leave nothing behind but scorched earth. Great!Patrick Schmidt, Rock Hard, 9/10

All eleven songs have the power of a North American bufallo herd!Frank Albrecht, Deaf Forever, 9/10

Brutal Old School Death Metal, free from any trendy retro-claptrap and nothing but straightforward heaviness, topped by a superb sound pushing relentlessly forward.Thomas Strater, Metal Hammer, 6/7

CUT UPForensic Nightmares
1. Enter Hell
2. Burial Time
3. Remember the Flesh
4. A Butchery Improved
5. Brain Cell Holocaust
6. Forensic Nightmare
7. Camouflesh
8. Order of the Chainsaw
9. Stab and Stab Again
10. Bunker Z 16
11. Dead and Impaled

CUT UP was founded by drummer Tobias Gustafsson and vocalist/bassist Erik Rundqvist in early 2014. After disbanding Vomitory by the end of 2013 after 24 years of death metal duty, the two felt it obvious to continue creating death metal together. Very soon, guitarist Anders Bertilsson and guitarist/vocalist Andreas Björnson were recruited and CUT UP was complete. Both Bertilsson – who was previously and most notably in Coldworker (2006-2013) – and Björnson – also known from Fetus Stench – share the same musical ideals as Gustafsson and Rundqvist as well as the passion to play live.

The next months followed with hard work, writing and rehearsing, and in November 2014 they entered the studio and recorded 11 songs for the debut album “Forensic Nightmares“. With the band members’ collective resume and repute in the metal scene, you can expect nothing but violent, catchy, groovy and grinding death metal from CUT UP.

CUT UP is:
Erik Rundqvist – vocals, bass
Andreas Björnson – vocals, guitar
Anders Bertilsson – guitar
Tobias Gustafsson – drums

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