BEYOND THE SHORE set to tour North America with headliners Arsonists Get All The Girls

- January 29th, 2014 –

Lexington, KY’s Beyond The Shore are pleased to announce they will be out on the road this February with Santa Cruz, California’s progressive experimental band Arsonists Get All The Girls, The Last Ten Second Of Life (starting 3/12), and Seeker, in support of their latest album and Metal Blade Records debut, Ghostwatcher.

Three openers will be appearing on split dates, which include Abolishment of Flesh, Your Chance to Die, and Lord of War. The Listen to the Color North America Tour 2014 will start the end of February and run for approximately 40+ dates across the US and Canada.

Beyond the Shore comments, “We’re incredibly excited to get back out on the road in the New Year, especially with such awesome bands. Seeing almost all of North America in such a short amount of time is going to be an amazing experience, we can’t wait!”

Listen to the Color North America Tour featuring Arsonists Get All The Girls, BEYOND THE SHORE, and Seeker
02/28 Oakland, CA Oakland Metro*
03/01 Bend, OR Pakit*
03/02 Seattle, WA Studio Seven*
03/03 Spokane, WA The Hop*
03/04 Twin Falls, ID Radio Rondevoo*
03/06 Littleton, CO The Rock House*
03/08 Sauk Rapids, MN Bubbas*
03/09 Milwaukee, WI The Miramar Theatre*
03/10 Madison, WI Highnoon Saloon*
03/11 Barrington, IL Penny Road Pub
Listen to the Color North America Tour featuring Arsonists Get All The Girls, The Last Ten Second Of Life, BEYOND THE SHORE, and Seeker
03/12 Portage, IN Camelot Hall
03/13 Hamilton, ON Club Absinthe
03/14 Toronto, ON Velvet Underground
03/15 Ottawa, ON The Montgomery Legion
03/16 Quebec City, QC L’agitee
03/17 London, ON Norma Jeans
03/18 Buffalo, NY Broadway Joe’s**
03/19 Albany, NY Bogies**
03/20 New York, NY Tobacco Road**
03/21 Trenton, NJ Championship Bar**
03/23 Charleston, SC Skatepark of Charleston**
03/25 Daytona Beach, FL Atlantic Sounds**
03/26 Tampa, FL Epic Problem**
03/27 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade**
03/28 Mobile, AL The Box**
03/30 Houston, TX Walters***
03/31 Corpus Christi, TX House of Rock***
04/01 San Antonio, TX The White Rabbit***
04/02 Austin, TX Dirty Dog Bar***
04/03 Fort Worth, TX Tom Cats***
04/05 El Paso, TX The Spot***
04/06 Albuquerque, NM Gasworks***
04/07 Tucson, AZ The Rock
04/08 Santa Ana, CA Malone’s***
04/09 Canoga Park, CA The Cobalt Cafe***
04/10 Bakersfield, CA Jerry’s Pizza***
*Abolishment of Flesh (2/28 – 3/10)
**Your Chance to Die (3/18 – 3/29)
***Lord of War (3/30 – 4/11)

Since the April release of the Ghostwatcher, Beyond The Shore have been keeping themselves busy touring including dates with Nonpoint, My Ticket Home, Veil of Maya, The Contortionist, Glass Cloud, Thy Will Be Done, Altars, Digital Collapse, Bermuda, Barrier, Fit For An Autopsy, Legion, and label-mates Shai Hulud, as well as playing the main stage at 2013′s New England Metal & Hardcore Festival in Massachusetts.

Beyond The Shore has received praise from press and fans alike with magazine heavyweights Alternative Press including the band in their AP Recommends feature and premiering the band’s production video for the track ‘Homewrecker’, which was met with such an overwhelming response that it was pushed to be the most shared and viewed video on the site during the week of the premiere. Outburn Magazine (US) stated that “far and away their greatest asset lies in the gorgeous fluid and emotive leads…conjuring plaintive tones that are steeped in melancholy over the top of the hammering attack, and in doing so imbuing them with greater emotional impact.” Praises from press didn’t stop in the US for the Lexington, KY band though, with major publications like Power Play Magazine (UK) calling the band “a talented bunch of canonical misfits procuring a positive message…Beyond The Shore have been constructed to impress” and Sunday Sport (UK) claiming that “Ghostwatcher may be the best thing to come out of Kentucky since fried chicken…This is metalcore at its absolute best.”

Watch Beyond The Shore’s music video for ‘Homewrecker,’ directed by Coleman Saunders for Americus Studios, HERE and catch the band live this fall.

Beyond The Shore is:
Andrew Loucks – Vocals
Zach Hunter – Guitar
Jared Loucks – Guitar
Eli Masharbash – Bass
Jonathan Pugh – Drums

Follow Beyond the Shore at the following locations:

About the band:
Among the thousands of metal/hardcore bands flooding the scene, it’s rare to find a band with a positive message and unique music. With lyrics depicting both spiritual as well as heart-felt messages, this band has been captivating their audience and taking the stage by storm. BEYOND THE SHORE is a mix of metal and hardcore, which results in a metal-core band ready to destroy when they take the stage. From hammering melodic riffs followed by explosive breakdowns, machine-gun-sounding drums and such brutal vocals comes a band of close friends that are blessed to do what they love so passionately.

In 2008, the Lexington-Fayette, KY quintet formed when the members were still in high school. Relentlessly booking shows, touring and balancing school at the same time, BEYOND THE SHORE still managed to leave every audience breathless. Sharing the stage with such acts as Born Of Osiris, Shai Hulud, MyChildren MyBride, Of Machines, After The Burial and many more, BEYOND THE SHORE created quite a buzz for themselves in the little time they have been around.

The band’s first release, “The Arctic Front” EP (2009), was produced by Kelly Cairns and recorded at Lambesis Studios (As I Lay Dying, War Of Ages, Austrian Death Machine, Impending Doom) in San Marcos, California. The band’s debut album helped to build an impressive internet buzz, starting with the release of the first single “Shotgun Sunrise.” After playing several shows in support of the debut EP, BEYOND THE SHORE began work on their full-length, Ghostwatcher.

In 2012, BEYOND THE SHORE headed to Lowell, NC to record the their first full-length, which was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Kevin Newland of Newland Recordings and began talks with labels as well as exploring the option of releasing on their own. BEYOND THE SHORE caught the notice of legendary metal label, Metal Blade Records, who they signed with in December of 2012.

“Could this be a metalcore album from the future? It sounds like one…there’s heaps of melody in the guitar work, turning tracks like ‘Glass Houses’ and ‘Ghostwatcher’ into progressive epics without losing that hardcore intensity.” Rock Sound Magazine (UK)

“Beyond The Shore have unleashed a fresh sound with this album: one that fans of death metal and metalcore alike are sure to enjoy”

“quite a few interesting elements that make this release standout from the crowd.”

“All things aside, Beyond the Shore really are a breath of fresh air on the genre and are a great addition to the Metal Blade roster.”

“The guitar work on the album is mightily melodic and with a reasonable level of repetition, but where Ghostwatcher got most interesting was in the Asking Alexandria flavored synth effects heavily ingrained and most noticeable on ‘Half Lived” and “Dreamkiller”…I didn’t expect to enjoy this album as much as I did and I must admit it’s a welcome addition to my angry metal playlist.”

“Though this album doesn’t offer anything particularly new to the progressive ‘djent’ movement, there is plenty of things worthy of praise here.”

“Overall, “Ghostwatcher” is a very good progressive metalcore record. Not only are the musicianship and production carried out incredibly well, but the music’s balance between technicality and melody truly lends itself for a nicely energetic soundtrack.”

“Transitioning from a more generic metal-core sound, Beyond The Shore has perfected their own style which really engages the audience… The 10-track album is quite perfect to listen to when in a heavy mood, however it’s an album that is too intense and distracting to be played as background music – it definitely demands all your attention (which – I think – is a good thing)”

“So first things first; I quite liked this album and it has some meaty riffs, beat downs you could easily murder someone to and some excellent writing that will make you wish there were more songs on the album… This album, while I likened them to Parkway Drive, is much better than their last album offering and it’s not very often I’ll say that about rising bands. My rule of thumb is that bands who follow a style are rarely as good as their peers who started it, but this album pisses all over PD’s last album.”

“…this is a solid debut release from a very unknown band who love memorable grooves and endless bass-bombs. Someone to look out for in the future. Not the type of metal band usually associated with Metal Blade anymore, which is a sign you should check these guys out.”

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