ANTROPOMORPHIA stream “Carved To Pieces” via Metal Hammer Germany!

- September 10th, 2014 –

New album “Rites Ov Perversion” out next week!

Dutch necromantic death metal act, AntropomorphiA, are ready to unleash their new album, “Rites Of Perversion,” upon mankind! “Rites Ov Perversion” is set for release September, 12th on CD and LP in Europe and on September 16 on CD and digitally in North America. In collaboration with Metal Hammer Germany, AntropomorphiA are streaming another track from the album. Listen to “Carved to Pieces” now on HERE.

The band comments: “‘Carved to Pieces’ is grooving, raw, uncompromising and hateful. A destructive hymn that glows in the radiance of chaos, anti religion and misanthropy. Evangelium Odi Et Mortis.

Stream the first single, “Nekrovaginal Secretions“, and pre-order “Rites Ov Perversion” at

AntropomorphiA comments on the album: “With ‘Rites ov Perversion’ we created a more organic layered and violent album, we explored within the realm of our musical origin and its atmospheric grimness, but at the same time not limiting ourselves to the sinister beauty of other dimensions. There are songs that have a bleak mid-paced drive and songs that just have primitive skull penetrating riffs…its the definition of this band, where we stand and what we are in this point of time…behold the sway of death!

Rites Ov Perversion” is the successor to ‘Evangelivm Nekromantia‘, an album that stirred the attention around the band some more, which resulted in the band doing several performances, including festival appearances at Neurotic Deathfest and Extremefest, etc. Because of the violent and occult nature of the topics AntropomorphiA deal with, it even drew the attention of the German authorities, almost getting the album banned completely from the shelves in that particular country.

Rites Ov Perversion” track listing:
1. Temphioth Workings
2. Carved to Pieces
3. Inanimatus Absqui Anima
4. Crowned in Smoldering Ash
5. Nekrovaginal Secretions
6. Gospel ov Perversion
7. Morbid Rites
8. Tevfelskvnst
9. Open Casket

Ferry Damen (vocals, guitar)
Jos van den Brand (guitar)
Marc van Stiphout (bass)
Marco Stubbe (drums)

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