A-Z Release Lyric Video for the Song “Window Panes”

- August 21st, 2023 –

Band’s 10th video off of debut release

Watch the new lyric video for the song “Window Panes” HERE.

The song is off the band’s debut self-titled album, which came out on the 12th of August 2022, and was written by Viv prior to A-Z forming so it had a different feel and sound. Mark Zonder and co. really liked it so they reworked the song to give it the A-Z sound and feel.

Mark Zonder comments: “We had planned to do a video for every song on the record and this is number 10 out of 11. We thought it was important, as we are currently in the process of recording the new album, to let the fans know we are moving forward and will be out with a record soon. Yes, there will be the all important video 11 as well!

A-Z‘s current self-titled album can be streamed in its entirety at: metalblade.com/a-z

A-Z‘ tracklist:
01. Trial by Fire (Official Video)
02. The Far Side of the Horizon (Lyric Video)
03. The Machine Gunner (Official Video)
04. Rise Again (Official Video)
05. Window Panes (Lyric Video)
06. Run Away (Official Video)
07. Stranded (Official Video)
08. At the Waters Edge (Official Video)
09. Borrowed Time (Lyric Video)
10. Sometimes
11. The Silence Broken [Bonus Track] (Official Video)

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