The Heavils

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Brian: Vocals, Guitar
Mossy: Guitar
Toast: Drums
Corey: Bass

Unique is not a strong enough word to describe The Heavils sound or The Heavils themselves. The band not only creates and builds their own distinctive guitars, known as Meanies, but also use them when recording and playing live. For the bands sophomore release through Metal Blade Records the band took a heavier approach to the music without losing their highly idiosyncratic style creating an album that will not be lost among countless summer releases.

This time around The Heavils had much more time to get the new material ready and also decided to record outside of their hometown Rockford, IL. “We think this truly made a difference,” states guitarist and founding member Mossy, “We were able to really focus on the music everyday plus Brian and I have found new noises and sounds with the Meanies. As far as songwriting goes Brian’s new lyrics are amazing!” What also makes a difference on the new album is the addition of their new drummer Toast who helped bring new ideas to the table. The first self-titled album was a collection of demos that the band just re-recorded so they wanted to make sure that the new album seriously rocked. So the band brought in friend, fellow musician, and producer Devin Townsend as well as Shaun Thingvold to help them create the sound they were after. Devin not only produced the album but he also contributed some vocals and noise to a couple of songs. With the help of Devin and Shaun The Heavils took their music to the next level and the result is a catchy and heavy work of art that never loses any of the groove that their fans have come to expect.

As an added bonus The Heavils did a cover of the Cheap Trick song “Just Got Back” which Rick Neilsen played guitar on and his son Miles did vocals. “It was crazy watching Rick do tracks. He really is by far one of the best guitarists ever,” notes Mossy. The Heavils have wanted to do a song with Rick’s son Miles for quite some time now and it only seemed natural to have him contribute vocals to a song his father wrote and preformed with Cheap Trick. So what should you expect from a band whose debut album received positive press about their creativity in magazines like Rolling Stone and Guitar World? Prepare to rock!!!

Recorded in Vancouver B.C at Greenhouse Studios with Devin Townsend and Shaun Thingvold, and mastered by Greg Reely.