Phoenix Mourning

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Jeremiah Ruff: Vocals
Ahmed Smith: Guitar
Stephen Bowman: Guitar
Marshall Gibson: Bass
Kerry DeWitt: Drums

PHOENIX MOURNING was formed in June of 2004 with members of past bands coming together with the same vision; artists wanting their passion and love for music to be shared on a universal scale. Brought to the label’s attention by legendary producer Tom Morris, who has worked with everyone from Marilyn Manson to Puff Daddy to Sepultura to Ozzy Osbourne to Public Enemy, PHOENIX MOURNING‘s thirteen-song debut oozes with track after track of spot on metal/screamo arena worthy anthems of youthful angst and personal discovery. Rarely does a debut album showcase the characteristics usually associated with seasoned recording and touring acts. PHOENIX MOURNING‘s Metal Blade Records debut, “When Excuses Become Antiques” is the exception to that rule. Creating music that thrives on the emotions that ultimately speak as a novel to their lives, the members of PHOENIX MOURNING have been blessed with the ability to share their personal stories through well crafted and expertly performed songs. Album standouts include “A New Décor”, “From Afar” and “Waiting for the King”. Destined to be one of the breakthrough releases of 2006, PHOENIX MOURNING has already become a “friends” favorite on MYSPACE and PURVOLUME, where, in a very short amount of time, the band continues to cultivate supporters at an alarming rate!

With touring in the near future, PHOENIX MOURNING looks forward to coming to each and every city and meeting new people on the road daily. The band absolutely thrives on an intense live show that promises fans to be something to always remember. “Nothing else compares to the feeling of taking the stage and bringing this ‘story’ you have written for people in the form of music, directly into their lives. When you have connected with a crowd and have had an amazing show, its pretty much an unbeatable feeling” states lead man Jeremiah Ruff.