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Brian Fair: Vocals
Mike D’Antonio: Bass
Pete Cortese: Guitar
Scott McCooe: Guitar
Jay Fitzgerald: Drums

From August 1991 to November 1998, we five had an obsession with music entitled OVERCAST. Motivated by having fun and playing songs that went against the grain, we stayed true to ourselves by writing music we wanted to play … fashionable or not. Money was never an issue back then mainly because there wasn’t any to be had. Sometimes we would play for gas money, most times for far far less. Only through sacrifice and perseverance did we make it work. First hand experience and trial and error provided our path. We had no one to rely on but ourselves. Years and years of weekend warrior tours took us places we normally would never have gone or seen. It was indeed a time we still reflect on and a time we will never forget.

But all things come to an end. After years of being turned down by labels, skimped out on by promoters, and a general sense of the band being too much of an albatross to continue … in 1998 we disbanded. Heartbroken and emotionally taxed, we went our separate ways. Brian joined Shadows Fall (a band who had opened for OVERCAST on many occasions). Mike D. started working on a project called Killswitch Engage. Pete continued writing and ended up in a band called Seemless. Scott began playing bass in Transient. Jay formed and played in many bands, finally settling down in the band Tunnel Drill.

Now 8 Years has passed since OVERCAST was an active band. All of a sudden the stars have aligned, the planets have shifted, and old friends find themselves back home with substantial amounts for free time. OVERCAST is reborn.

OVERCAST is proud to announce the following: We were able to re-record 11 classic tracks and 2 unreleased songs for a full-length album entitled “Reborn To Kill Again”. Adam Dutkiewicz produced this endeavor and we could not be happier. Metal Blade Records will be releasing the record later this summer.

Why, do you ask, has OVERCAST re-recorded classic material? Simply put, we are having the time of our lives hanging together and playing these old songs again. We feel as if we are breathing new life into this dead material. Suddenly the ambition to “one up” ourselves has returned, more thirsty than ever. But most importantly, our main reason is due to the overwhelming excitement of the old skool fans, even to this day. For the kids who have shown us MUCH love over the years by coming up to us at shows and telling us how much they appreciated OVERCAST. These people have provided us with the greatly needed encouragement and enthusiasm we have been lacking. They have given us a vision to try this band one more time. For them we dedicate our new found time and energy towards this recording. We consider it an honor that some of you still care.

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