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Efthimis Karadimas: Vocals
Evan Hensley: Guitar
Constantine: Guitar
Stathis Ridis: Bass
Stathis Kassios: Keys
Jorg Uken: Drums

One of the three Pylons of the Greek scene, Nightfall is still dedicated to the spirit of the underground culture and the post scriptum era of "please return my stamps" (for the initiated ones). The band was founded by Efthimis Karadimas in 1991 with the aim to turn the poison reality feeds us all into music and poetic words. And so it has remained till these very days.

Nightfall literally introduced the Greek metal scene to the worldwide discography circuit with their debut Parade into Centuries in a new and prominent (back then) French label. The experiment was so successful, numerous other Greek bands were offered contracts soon after by French, as well as other European labels.

Though into touring initially, producing is what has attracted full attention of the band. "The fascinating part of the whole process lasts until recordings’ final day. Then it is all matter of promotion and marketing we are not that much excited about it." the band states. Good or bad, this policy has not created any lethal problems to the band’s story so far, and though not a top selling machine it is still around carrying the seal of the cult group who certainly has interesting things to say should you find the time to dive into its dark abyssal lake.

Lineup changes are yet another uncommon practice for Nightfall. However, thanks to that unorthodox practice, many reputable musicians who, thanks to Nightfall, have been introduced to the metal masses worldwide. Like your town’s football team who hits the first position not very often, yet it plays good ball in and out of its country and also discovers new talented players, Nightfall was the kicking start for Bob Katsionis (Firewind); George Kollias (Nile); George Bokos (ex Rotting Christ); Mark Cross (bit of Helloween and ex Hammerfall), and now Constantine who joined Primal Fear on stage.

Metal Blade Records is releasing the band’s next album, and second for the label, in early 2013. The previous album, Astron Black & the Thirty Tyrants, was based on the existence of man throughout time and space and how everything is seemingly turning in a spiral course around the race; the race that unstoppably creates and discovers new icons, new religions, new cultures and worlds without cutting off the umbilical cord with its natural instincts that ultimately lie behind all aspects of life.

Cassiopeia has a more specific thesis and though its name is linked to both the constellation and the mythical character of Andromeda’s mother, its subject refers to the arrogant characteristic of the human race. The outcome of that overweening state is so popular these very days. The entire world is shifting from its previous position to a new one while all and each one of us used to feel like masters of our destiny are starting to wonder about when, where, and how this transition will end. It may be a punishment like that of Cassiopeia and Andromeda, who claimed themselves to be more beautiful tha even to Nereids, which caused Poseidon to send the sea monster Cetus to destroy their land. Or, it simply may be just another change. Time will certainly tell.

Nightfall comments: "We sincerely hope you will gain much of enjoyment and lots of wondering moments while listening to this very album. Moreover, wish you will absorb all its vital references as to what we, humans, are supposed to do, feel, and act during our transit from planet earth, and why not, to reconsider everything."

Recorded in Greece, Germany, and Nashville, TN; mixed and mastered in Germany. Artwork by Vincent of Above Chaos, France.

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