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Benjamin Hilleke: Vocals
Sebastian Heldt: Drums
Benjamin Donath: Bass
Stefan Keller: Guitar
Tobias Buck: Guitar

Never say never!

NEAERA are back on the map after five years and release their new and seventh album after more than seven years!

It was good to draw a line at that time. We needed that and we followed the good old party wisdom: You should go when it’s at its best. But in that case we turned around again – the DJ was just too good and the buffet wasn’t completely empty yet“, reports singer Benny Hilleke with a grin.

Founded in 2003, NEAERA have been under contract with Metal Blade Records since 2004 and have released six albums during this time, which have convinced fans as well as the press and have been able to place themselves in the German album charts. After countless shows all over Europe and appearances at renowned festivals, the band surprisingly announced their split-up in 2015 and said goodbye in December of the same year with a sold-out farewell tour – followed by a long silence.

The Metal scene does not forget so quickly and three years later NEAERA played two exclusive shows due to the high demand, where the feedback couldn’t have been better. The fire was literally kindled anew and guitarist Tobias Buck started to deal with the first song ideas: “I just really got up to it again and met directly with our friend and later producer to record a few things in his studio for testing purposes. The other guys were immediately fished-on from the first auditions. A few months later we sat down together at one table and decided to record another album together.

Producer Tristan Hachmeister has known the band members for many years and even stood on stage as a temporary guitarist on some shows. “I think our friendly relationship helped a lot to get the most out of the guys. Especially with the vocal recordings – because Benny, like many other singers, is not a big friend of studio recordings, because the live situation and the often connected energy is missing. But since I know his scream spectrum, I didn’t settle for it hastily either.

In addition NEAERA could win other well-tried candidates for themselves, who have accompanied the band in their 16 years of band history on various albums.

For example, the drums were recorded in the Docma Klang Studio in Osnabrück, where the demo was recorded in 2004. For the mixing and mastering the band got nobody less than Jacob Hansen on board! “Hansen already did a great job with our albums LET THE TEMPEST COME and ARMAMENTARIUM. This is exactly the sound we wanted to have back on this album,” says Buck happily.

The band also works with an old companion when it comes to the visual realization: “We chose Terje Johnsen again for the artwork, who already convinced us with his work on ARMAMENTARIUM, OMNICIDE and FORGING THE ECLIPSE“, explains Hilleke.

So the band left nothing to chance and all these factors are reflected in the album. An album that reflects 100% of NEAERA‘s trademarks, so it’s only logical and consistent to choose a self-titled album!

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