Mercyful Fate

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King Diamond: Vocals
Hank Shermann: Lead Guitar
Mike Wead: Lead Guitar
Sharlee D’Angelo: Bass
Bjarne T. Holme: Drums

Not many bands can claim to be as influential as Mercyful Fate. As one of the early purveyors of true metal, the band’s impact is felt far and wide; from the new wave of black metals’ Cradle Of Filth and Dimmu Borgir to international metal gods Megadeth and Metallica. Most recently Metallica recorded a “Mercyful Fate Medley” for their “Garage Inc.” opus covering such ‘Fate classics as “Evil”, “Curse Of the Pharaohs”, “Satan’s Fall”, “A Corpse Without Soul” and “Into The Coven”.

When vocalist and Mercyful Fate mastermind King Diamond is asked about the bands he has inspired, he immediately gets proud. “It feels great. It’s an honor. All of the bands have their own take but no one sounds like us”. And Metallica’s tribute? “I had no idea they were doing that. Lars (Ulrich) called me out of the blue and played it over the phone. It blew me away”. Homage will continued to be paid as Mercyful Fate tour as guest of Metallica on a summer ’99 European tour.

With production duties handled by Kol Marshall and the band, the new album “9″ marks the return of a more streamlined and brutal sound. “It is much more direct and aggressive both musically and lyrically than our past few records”, says King. Certainly not heard since the monumental “Don’t Break The Oath” album. King: “melody is there without sacrificing the brutality”. Recorded at Nomad Recording Studios in Dallas, “9″ has all the makings of another Mercyful Fate classic. Tracks include “9″, “Burn In Hell”, “Insane”, “Buried Alive”, “Kiss The Demon”, “Sold My Soul”, “The Grave”, “Last Rites”, “Church Of St. Anne” and “House On The Hill”.

“9″ proves the Mercyful Fate are true innovators, whose omnipotence will continue well into the next century.

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