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Tichondrius: Bass, Vocals
Haimatokharmes: Drums
His Emissary: Guitar

IPSISSIMUS was founded when His Emissary (guitars) and Haimatokharmes (drums) met by providence on 6/6/06 in New Haven, CT, and found in one another worthy vessels of channeling the occult philosophies into ritual Black Metal. In November of that year, Tichondrius (bass/vocals) completed the trinity. Within a month they were playing concerts and released the demo Trampling the Host, a potent exercise in raw, blasting Black Metal. Over the following years, they established a reputation across New England for technical yet raw live performances, sharing the stage with both local and established Black Metal groups, such as Nachtmystium, Enslaved, Dark Funeral, Krallice, and Watain. In February 2008, IPSISSIMUS independently released the Three Secrets of Fatima EP, a complex and melodic triptych that thrust them to the forefront of the burgeoning American Black Metal scene. Matching their music to orations of black piety that draw from esoteric traditions antique and modern, often composed in the dead tongues of the ancients themselves, IPSISSIMUS initiates the listener to a Left-Hand Gnosis with a unique and irrefutable statement of American Black Metal.

Enter 2010: In June IPSISSIMUS played the Three Secrets of Fatima EP start to finish to a very enthusiastic crowd when the band opened up for legendary EYEHATEGOD and Nachtmystium. In the summer of 2010, IPSISSIMUS signed a worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records and entered Sonic Environments studio in Bloomfield, CT to record the band’s first full-length album and Metal Blade debut. Longtime friend of His Emissary, Jeff Weed, is not only the owner of Sonic Environments studio but has also stepped in as the band’s “sonic alchemist” (aka engineer/producer). IPSISSIMUS began recording the band’s debut in June 2010, took a short break, and returned to Sonic Environments studio at the end of August to finish the record. Their feature full-length will include the band’s EP Three Secrets of Fatima along with three new songs. Since IPSISSIMUS has been out of the studio, the band has shared the stage (as direct support) with Deströyer 666, Unearthly Trance, Black Pyramid, Suma, and last but not least we a part of Boston Massachusetts’ Born of Fire live series with Nachzehrer and featuring a screening of the occult nunsploitation film “Alucarda.”

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