In Extremo

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There it stands, “The Horse”, leaving little room for computers and Marshall amps, bagpipes and hurdy-gurdy, and which, despite the impressive technology and endlessly long mixing desk, attracts the full attention of all those who come to visit IN EXTREMO in the Vielklang Studios during the recording of their new album. “The Horse” is an approximately 1.5 meters wide frame-drum, which requires a complete horsehide to cover it. But “The Horse” is not just an instrument. In fact, it stands for IN EXTREMO, because with such instruments they not only create a unique sound, but the instruments are also a symbol for the unusual, for independence, for the enjoyment of music, for the love of experimentation, innovation and for the extreme.

For IN EXTREMO handmade instruments, including various bagpipes, also represent the originality of their music. They are an important part of the music and part of the band’s philosophy of seeing themselves in the century-long tradition of minstrels. They also represent the desire for self-determination, to follow new paths. And as the band’s name indicates, IN EXTREMO wants to explore the doable, test extremes, but also to unite opposites. Medieval and metal, bagpipes and electronics, traditional songs and current rock music, electric guitars and “The Horse”.

After 4 years and 6 albums (three of which they distributed themselves, selling them at medieval markets) IN EXTREMO are one of the few German bands to enjoy international acclaim, and who are in the upper region of the German charts while remaining cult- and scene-compatible. IN EXTREMO has created their own musical niche and their own incomparable image.

With their visors pulled down they let old, almost forgotten styles collide with contemporary rock music and sparks fly when, with the fine touch of the artists, homemade instruments meet state-of-the-art studio technology. Despite all of these contrasts, they create a harmonious soundscape – nothing sounds construed. The most important thing, however, is that the band’s original idea, to present historical songs and to continue the centuries-old art form of passing on stories, myths and history, reviving the always-cogent themes of love, death, war and peace, has remained fully intact. The popularity of this music at rock festivals and in concert halls around the world shows that these ideas could be revived and given a new lease on life.

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