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Valle Adzic: Guitar
Martin Åkesson: Vocals
Robin Sörqvist: Lead Guitar
Mikael Norén: Drums
Erik Peterson: Bass

Since the Swedish death machine Impious was formed back in 1994, the band has released two albums through classic and now defunct label Black Sun Records, and one album through Hammerheart Records. Impious in concert is always a crushing experience. During a tour in 2003 a convincing performance in Germany, generated an interest from Metal Blade Records. Impious inked a deal with the label in 2004.

Death Domination is the band’s third release for Metal Blade and is by far their strongest effort so far. The title for the album just came naturally. “When I first heard the demo songs I just thought ‘holy shit’! The title Death Domination was the first thing that came to mind” says bass player Erik Peterson. It’s a rock solid statement of fast and furious metal, indeed. When it was time to start working on new material the band simply sat down and discussed the visions of all five members. It didn’t take long to realize that everyone shared the same vision. Brutal attitude was the answer, the call, and the passion. The outcome is a truly convincing and honest album.

And even if the energy and speed is so prominent, the hooks are still all there. Each song just has those parts that grab you and won’t let go. Guitarist and songwriter Valle Adzic comments “Death Domination is our Reign In Blood, a fierce and short attack of pure death and thrash metal that’s like a hit in your face by a couple of brass knuckles”.

And with Death Domination the lyrics have become a more prominent part of Impious‘ sound. Drummer Mikael Norén comments; “The lyrics are on a whole new level. I really feel that there’s a substantial truth behind every meaning, as some songs deal with issues that we feel very strong about”. Martin Åkesson adds “I’ve never been much of a poet myself, but this time I’ve co-written the lyrics for each and every song on the album. This really helped me to get a whole different feeling when recording my vocals. I felt so much more confident and I think that shines through on the album”.

The band also brought in old time friends Johan Lindstrand (One Man Army, ex-The Crown) and Andreas Nilsson (Hope Over Fear) for additional spice by doing some guest vocals.

The album was recorded at Studio Deadline and features a heavy and solid production that fits both the band and the songs just perfectly. “It was a breeze to record this album, at least my part. For the first time all the five of us were deeply involved already at the pre-production stage, so when it was time to start rehearsing and recording the album everything just came naturally” Mikael adds.

Brazilian artist Marcello Vasco is the man behind the artwork. And what a great job he did. The cover translates the music just perfectly. Guitarist Robin Sörqvist on the logo change: “We’ve actually used this logo for years for t-shirt designs and so on, but never on an album. This time we just felt it fits the music perfectly. In fact, everything adds up perfectly well on Death Domination!”

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