House of Heavy

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Henrik Lundberg
Mattias Wellhag

Henrik Lundberg and Mattias Wellhag (Preserved in Grace) met during a studio session outside of Skövde, Sweden, some fifteen years ago. Henrik was playing bass in Masquerade at the time, and Mattias was singing in some crap band that were going absolutely nowhere pretty quickly…

The two became really good friends when Henrik later joined that very same crap band. Ever since, they’ve talked about how cool it would be to write some music together, just for the fun of it.

Many hours were spent drinking beer and head banging to 80’s hard rock, fantasizing about putting a band together. Nothing happened, of course, until Masquerade more or less fell asleep and Mattias’ crap band disappeared into oblivion about ten years later.

It was about that time that Mattias bought himself a Gibson Explorer (the coolest guitar known to man, if you ask him) and some cheap studio equipment and started experimenting away, not really knowing what the hell he was doing.

At the same time, Henrik was rockin’ out hard man in his living room creating interesting noise with his Gibson Les Paul arsenal (the coolest guitars known to man, if you ask Henrik). Things suddenly started sounding pretty awesome and the result of that is: House of Heavy.

After two years of writing and recording together in Mattias’ living room, the self titled debut album is, believe it or not, finished!

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