Hate Eternal

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Erik Rutan: Guitars, Vocals
Jade Simonetto: Drums
J.J. Hrubovcak: Bass

Started in 1997 by Decibel’s Top 20 Death Metal Guitarist’s of All Time Erik Rutan -of Morbid Angel & Ripping Corpse fame – HATE ETERNAL has easily become one of the most prominent names in the extreme metal scene with Terrorizer Magazine recognizing the group as one of Top 8 Bands of the Last Decade! Weaving complex riffs, drums as devastating as a heavy artillery attack, and truly ferocious vocals; Erik Rutan, Jade Simonetto, and J.J. Hrubovcak have created what already has Albert Mudrian – editor of the hit metal mag Decibel Magazine – calling Phoenix Amongst the Ashes “The best death metal record I’ve heard in FOREVER!” This is quite the compliment as Albert is not only the editor of Decibel Magazine but also the author of Choosing Death – every metalhead’s guide to the best death and grind bands on the scene since the genre’s inception. The new album even has the folks at Metal Sucks – one of the lead sites for all things metal –claiming “Phoenix Amongst the Ashes is the moment Erik Rutan’s entire career has been leading towards — it’s heavy, it’s catchy, and it’s innovative. This is the best death metal album of 2011 so far, and other bands are going to have to work pretty hard to top it.”

Though the band has experienced great success since its beginning in 1997, HATE ETERNAL are no strangers to turmoil and strife. In 2002, Erik Rutan chipped vertebrae in his neck in a van accident while on tour and spent the next couple months out of commission. Erik has also been left to deal with band members backing out of tours last minute including one tour, in which a show in London was being filmed for the band’s first ever live DVD. None of this ever held Erik or HATE ETERNAL back though, replacements were found and the tours continued on as planned. One of the most extremely unfortunate events was the untimely passing of bassist and dear friend, Jared Anderson, in October 2006 while in talks to rejoin the band. Almost three years after the brutal extreme metal masterpiece, I, Monarch, HATE ETERNAL came back to the death metal scene with a new record and a new home on Metal Blade Records. Fury and Flames, the band’s fourth studio album, marks the start of a new chapter in HATE ETERNAL’s already illustrious career. Fury and Flames was hailed as a diverse, heavy, chaotic, and emotionally fueled record and saw the band on the road with the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Hatebreed, The Black Dahlia Murder, Decrepit Birth, Soilent Green, Skeletonwitch, Cephalic Carnage, and Toxic Holocaust just to name a few, as well as playing such great European festivals such as Party San, Summer Breeze and Brutal Assault.

For the writing and recording of Phoenix Amongst the Ashes, HATE ETERNAL sought out a new bassist and recruited J.J. Hrubovcak who joined the devastating combo of Erik Rutan on guitar and Jade Simonetto on drums. In terms of the writing on Phoenix Amongst the Ashes, Rutan stated “it was my goal to expand upon what the band has done in the past, and add new dynamics and twists to the traditional, dissonant HATE ETERNAL style, yet keep it in the same vein. It took the three of us really pushing ourselves, and digging deep into the essence of who we are as musicians and writers and players to create something very unique and special. We cannot wait for everyone to hear what we have in store.”

HATE ETERNAL recorded their fifth studio album at frontman Erik Rutan’s own Mana Recording Studios in St. Petersburg, FL with mastering handled by Alan Douches of West West Side. Artwork was once again handled by Paul Romano (Mastodon, Chiodos, The Acacia Strain, Godflesh, Earth Crisis) who has also created cover art for HATE ETERNAL’s I, Monarch, The Perilous Fight (DVD), and Fury & Flames.

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