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Eric Lundgren: Vocals
Julian Ramos: Guitars
Sterling Bailey: Guitars
Ryan King: Bass
Alex Perez: Drums

To say that thrash metal was running strong in the bay area in 2006 would have been an overstatement. Technical death metal and modern hybrid bands garnered much of the attention, and it had almost seemed as if metal was losing its once heralded, old school edge. The true metal crowd in the bay was sparse, and the seminal groups from the era that had pioneered the passionate fusion of hardcore punk and classic heavy metal known as thrash, had become nothing more than a black and white memory from a forgotten time.

When HATCHET emerged, the bay area scene was not very welcoming to their trash sound. Thrash had become a forgotten musical form in the bay area. Driven and determined, they adopted the D.I.Y. ethic reminiscent of the punk rock style common in the early 80′s. HATCHET played anywhere and everywhere they could – bars, house parties, local venues like the Pound SF, Balazo Gallery, 924 Gilman Street, and various warehouses located in desolate, crime ridden areas of Oakland, California. Those shows were true to the underground – no egos or fashion shows – just rooms full of various youths, hardcore punks, thrashers, with denim and leather flailing around, heads banging, bodies diving off of any piece of the stage or equipment they could set foot on, and raging circle pits.

HATCHET quickly became known for their unique, blistering, sonic shred, and high-energy stage performance. It is undeniable that HATCHET’s music has a very genuine sound. HATCHET holds true to the classic riffage of heavy metal, while doing away with recycled riffing and stagnation. Every note the band plays is that of honesty, creating a signature thrash sound that few can duplicate or call their own.

The band has been incredibly busy over the last year and a half. They appeared on the “Thrash Metal Warriors” CD compilation, put together by Katon DePena of thrash veterans Hirax. HATCHET also headlined the annual “Tidal Wave” metal festival that showcased many veteran metal acts including: Ulysses Siren, Mercenary, Warning, and upcoming bands Scarecrow and Avenger of Blood. In the summer of 2007, they had the honor of sharing the stage with the infamous Possessed! Later in the year HATCHET inked a deal with Metal Blade Records and in April 2008, they were listed in Alternative Press Magazine as one of the top 100 bands you need to know!

HATCHET, along with a handful of other bands, has helped to inspire a regional movement that is being proclaimed as the New Wave of Bay Area Thrash (N.W.O.B.A.T). Thrash metal, to the band, means something much more than sporting the latest fads, and following the latest trends – it’s something you almost have to grow up with and experience to truly understand.

“We don’t care to show off what bands we know, how cool we look, or how hard we party! To us it is about thrashing together to destroy what modern music stands for! We have been into heavy metal for years, and we plan on playing heavy metal until the end. It is time to re-define and break boundaries!”

HATCHET’s Debut album, Awaiting Evil, was released on May 27th 2008 and was met with praise from both press and metalheads alike. Here’s what people have had to say about HATCHET’s Metal Blade debut Awaiting Evil:

Awaiting Evil is a tasteful blend of Kill ‘Em All-era Metallica, Slayer, and early Anthrax… Rhythm guitarist Sterling Bailey anchors the songs with an array of tight, speedy riffs, and lead guitarist [Julian Ramos] shines whether he’s tapping or sweep picking.” Guitar World

“Unadulterated, headbanging fun, for fans, by fans.” BW&BK

“…abrasive yet thoughtfully executed thrash sound… evoking as much influence from early Iron Maiden as they do ubiquitous local heroes, Testament.” Alternative Press

“I like the kind of European thrash feeling this song has, especially with the drums and vocals. It reminds me of old Destruction and Kreator, which were both a big influence on Sepultura.” Max Cavalera (Sepultura, Soulfly)

“If Lars Ulrich actually went out to see these guys at the Pound or 924 Gilman Street, he’d probably go into a post-traumatic-stress disorder fit. That’s how much this sounds like Kill ‘Em All.” Drummer

HATCHET has all the ingredients needed to create a great thrash album and they execute it like old pros from back in the day.” nonelouder.com

HATCHET’s music is interesting, performed well, and the group has enough of their own style to differentiate them from the pack. Expect HATCHET to be one of the leaders of this movement.” Blistering.com

HATCHET have vowed to wage war on false metal, sparing none who dare to oppose them. All wimps and cowards will face the mighty blade of the HATCHET! They will sever the head that does not bang. Consider yourself warned; HATCHET is coming to crush you like a beer can!

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