40 Grit

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James Santiago: Vocals, Guitar
Chris Anderson: Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Young: Bass
Andy Green: Drums

40 Grit is known worldwide for churning out thunderous songs. Now the band has infused thunder with melody to spark a rebirth that will turn heads of die-hard metal fans, while wooing fans coming from a more conventional level. 40 Grit’s music is the epitome of hypnotic hooks and seismic rhythms that pump the blood and send fans home from concerts with screams still buried in their throats.

“The meat of what makes us 40 Grit is still very much alive,” said Chris Anderson, Guitar/vocal for the group, which is one of the leaders in the Bay Area’s booming music scene. “Our sound might have evolved, but we’ll still take down a house with our power.”

Based in Concord, Calif., this dynamically charged rock band has a talent for belting out a steady blend of fierce music backed with melodious vocals. With an evolved sound that both empowers and enrages, the band is perfectly poised to capture worldwide interest. Powerslave.com, the Bay Area’s Webzine for the underground metal community, calls 40 Grit’s new edge “a more healthy, melodic yet sonically pushing style.”

The band’s members consist of James Santiago (vocals/guitar), Chris Anderson (guitar) Kevin Young (bass), who has been with the band since its beginning in 1997, and Andy Green (drums) has been the most recent addition to 40 Grit since 2001. The group of four has grown such a reputation for their flawless, invigorating live performances that they have shared stages with heavy hitters such as Soil, Machine Head, Nothing Face, Meshuggah, Testament, Skinlab, and Soulfly. The band has also embarked on very successful European tours with the likes of Pro-Pain and S.O.D.