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John Laramy: Vocals
John Gensmer: Drums
Jared Schneider: Keyboards
Jarod Mills: Guitar
Eli Pete: Bass

From the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, six musicians from very diverse musical backgrounds formed Epicurean in early 2004. The band quickly grabbed the attention of the local Minneapolis scene with their unique intense and melodic sound as well as their tight and energetic stage performance. The group then began distributing thousands of copies of their self-recorded 3-song demo throughout the upper Midwest, which marked the beginning of the relentless touring schedule for which the band is known.

Over the next two years, Epicurean was able to hone and shape their musical vision into a sound that combines Euro-metal with a deeply progressive nature, all the while maintaining a very accessible mentality. It is that symphonic, yet aggressive sound that began to garner them attention throughout the underground metal scene.

In mid 2005, Epicurean, with producer Ari, entered “Inner Light” studios to record their debut album, “A Consequence of Design”. When the recording was completed, Epicurean was back on the road where they caught the attention of famed producer, Don Debiase who later passed the band on to Manager Neil Sheehan (HM Management) who they soon signed on with. Sheehan immediately took to shopping the band to labels, at which point, they caught the attention of Metal Blade records, and officially joined the Metal Blade family in March of 2007.

After their performance at the 2007 New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, the band re-entered the studio with Don Debiase to remix/re-master A Consequence of Design as well as record 2 new songs to be added to the Metal Blade release out March 4th, 2008. After the release of A Consequence of Design Epicurean hit the road to spread the word of their powerful Metal Blade debut and won over fans of all ages.

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