Darkness Dynamite

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Zack Larbi: Guitar
Julien Granger: Drums
Cris De Oliveira: Bass
Nelson Martins: Guitar
Junior Rodriguez: Vocals

Darkness Dynamite was formed in January 2007 and immediately recorded their first EP Through the Ashes of the Wolves in June 2007. This release overwhelmed both fans and critics, and Darkness Dynamite soon signed a distribution deal with Musicat to reach a broader audience.

DARKNESS DYNAMITE toured regionally and played shows alongside other prominent metal acts including: Bring Me the Horizon, Maroon, Architects, Job For A Cowboy, Shaped By Fate and The Chariot. They were a part of sold out show after show, either as the headlining or as the support act. Impressively, the band completely sold out of the first pressing of the EP.

In 2008 DARKNESS DYNAMITE decided to take things a step further and began writing their first album. As the writing process unfolded, a few artistic feuds begin to rise between the band and Eddie, who is later asked to leave the band. Junior Rodriguez was brought in to replace Eddie on vocals. The new blood emboldened the band and creativity began to flow again, only even stronger, as the artistic direction became more focused.

DARKNESS DYNAMITE melds together modern metal flavors but takes inspiration from 80’s/90’s metal with references such as Metallica, Guns n’ Roses, Pantera and Sepultura. Their new vocal signature helps broaden their sonic horizons across heavy metal, rock, and even hints of power metal.

After 5 months of intensive work with writing and pre-production, the recording process for The Fury Astonishing of Mankind began in August 2008. To make sure the sonic intensity could reach the level the band expected, a few producers were chosen: Stéphane Buriez recorded the guitars (Loudblast, Black Bomb A, L’Esprit du Clan) while Olivier at Elektricbox Studio in Lille tracked the drums (Borderline, Aceout, Monroe est Morte). The mixing and mastering duties were handled by Remyboy at Ahddenteam Studios, also in Lille (Mats & Morgans, Demians, Syn, Rodrigue).

DARKNESS DYNAMITE delivers elements of death metal, a dose of melodic guitar leads and catchy choruses to get the fans involved in gang vocals and sing alongs. This band is a potent combination of aggression with sophisticated and catchy melodic arrangements and will be working relentlessly in 2009 and beyond to spread their own recipe for metal across the globe.

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