Culture Killer

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Hunter Young: Guitar / Vocals
Dylan Blow: Drums
Ian Campbell: Vocals
Trevor Kopp: Guitar
Collin Townsend: Bass

Throes of Mankind” was engineered by Austin Coupe and Kenny Gil at Pig Pen Recordings, mixed by Kenny Gil, and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music. Culture Killer described the tracking process as “the smoothest, most fun process we have ever experienced.” Guitarist/vocalist Hunter Young added that “Kenny and Austin are old friends of ours, so honestly it was just an all around amazing experience.

The Culture Killer lineup is rounded out by vocalist Ian Campbell, guitarist Trevor Kopp, bassist Collin Townsend, and drummer Dylan Blow. The band delivers pummeling metallic hardcore with violent, malevolent fervor. Musically, and lyrically, the band can simply be described as disgruntled and malevolent. The band would argue this is warrented given the current state of the world. Hunter Young explains: “The album hits on specific topics that the world is currently, and has been battling. Such as: racism, human trafficking, pedophilia in the pulpit, addiction, and the digital age ruining real human communication.

Culture Killer is the platform the members use to discuss topics they deem to be important. Not merely important, but topics they feel should be under discussion. They feel ultimately that “using the band to do anything other than talk about the evils and tragedies in the world would be doing an injustice to the listener and to ourselves.

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