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Britta Görtz: Vocals
Christian Bröhenhorst: Guitar
Jonathan Stenger: Guitar
Lommer: Bass
Dennis Weber: Drums

Trying to describe Cripper‘s musical style can be challenging. Maybe as early as 2014 with the album Hyëna, but definitely now in 2017 with the barnstorming Follow Me: Kill!, you cannot simply file the five-piece from Hannover, Germany, as a thrash band. Ever since their debut album, the band has shifted from rather technical thrash towards a unique approach to extreme metal. All the while, Cripper has never been afraid of transgressing genre boundaries, giving free reign to their creativity. About their new album, the group says: “These are ten ass-kicking tracks, at times lightning fast, at other times atmospheric or epic, but never standard fare – always intense and firing on all cylinders.

Follow Me: Kill! adds fresh, exciting elements into Cripper‘s music. Still, the band never forgets where they come from and stay true to themselves within the frames of musical progression. The result is an effort that maintains the heaviness and groove the band is known for, while also containing atmospheric parts, capably realised and granting diversity.

Cripper was founded in 2005, has released five albums so far, and has completed several tours in Germany and Europe (with Overkill, Onslaught, etc.) – in addition to appearing at countless festivals (Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze, 70,000 Tons of Metal, Brutal Assault, Metaldays, Rockharz, Metalfest, etc.), plus other shows. Still, they continue to expand their international audience and keep putting the pedal to the metal. For over a decade, the band has been a notorious live spectacle, eager to play and to give fans sweat-drenched shows.

Cripper unfolds their creative potential far beyond their music. Apart from designing their artwork and merchandise by themselves, they even conceive and produce their ambitious video clips on their own. This is also why Cripper appeals to big business partners such as the international label Metal Blade Records. For the second time around, the company will promote an album of theirs, with plans to take them to the next level with Follow Me: Kill!, and beyond!

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