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Keith Devito: Vocals
Trevor Peres: Guitar
Brian Hobbie: Bass
Rob Maresca: Drums

By the late 1980′s, the extreme metal revolution was hitting its full stride internationally. The UK spawned highly influential grind gods Napalm Death and Carcass while South America export Sepultura broke out of the third world. Leading the charge stateside were death metal revolutionaries Obituary who along with their contemporaries Morbid Angel (and a transplanted Cannibal Corpse), epitomized the Tampa and US death metal scene. What set Obituary apart was their staccato, almost machine-like riff assault highlighted by rhythm guitarist Trevor Peres’ unmistakable tone. Their 1989 debut “Slowly We Rot” was an unrelenting assault of speed and sonic brutality that instantly made them an international phenomenon. Five more records followed before they decided to disband.

Still burning with a passion to create ferocious extreme metal, Peres decided to continue on and search for the ideal situation. He found that same determination and drive for the extreme in Keith DeVito, Chris Basile, Brian Hobbie, and Rob Maresca, all members of the New York based metal powerhouse Pyrexia. The result was the creation of CATASTROPHIC, a modern, pile-driving force delivered with the intensity of New York style hardcore. This new incarnation immediately wrote and recorded a demo with which, given the bands pedigree, garnered more than their fair share of interest. Appearances at Metal Fests in Milwaukee, Los Angeles and Texas followed further stirring the masses and solidifying their fan base. Trevor’s patience had finally paid off as he and the band signed with Metal Blade Records in the summer of 2000.

In August the band entered Outpost Studios in Boston with producer Jamie Locke (Obituary, Cro-Mags, VOD). The result will send chills down your spine with a blowtorch brutality not seen in the metal underground in years.