Beyond the Sixth Seal

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Brendan Roche: Drums
Greg Weeks: Bass
Mike McKenzie aka Gunface: Guitar, Vocals

BEYOND THE SIXTH SEAL has existed in many forms over the years. The band may have formed in 1998, but the metamorphosis that they experienced since then has left people scratching their heads…

Sometime after the 2002 release of Earth and Sphere on Lifeforce Records, they answered some sort of “feral call.” Brendan Roche, Greg Weeks and Mike McKenzie were “drawn by a mysterious force to a place far beyond modern knowledge,” according to Weeks, family and friends of the three reported unusual shifts in their already erratic behavior.

“I don’t know why they’re acting like this,” said Brad Fickeisen, drummer of THE RED CHORD (also Weeks and McKenzie’s other band) following McKenzie and Weeks’ sudden outburst about “elder wolves.” Some believe they are a part of some sort of Wolf sect, in which a bestial aspect of humanity is revered and practiced. Neighbors of the three have claimed to have heard howling on full moon nights.

In 2005, Roche had been seen on his roof, tearing at his clothing and growling. When the authorities arrived, he was nowhere to be found. That same night, bassist Greg Weeks had been reported missing by his fiancée. She called the police the next morning and told them he had been found and without explanation declined to comment.

Probably one of the most frightening discoveries was vocalist and guitarist, Mike McKenzie’s aka Gunface’s involvement in some sort of strange ceremony. Witnesses saw McKenzie and others in what appeared to be a meditative state, remains of a dead animal strewn before them. When asked to comment, he simply replied, “We are living the lives we were intended.”

“If you don’t believe any of the lies I just wrote, I won’t buy you a beer. If you do believe any of the lies I just wrote… I won’t buy you a beer either. Basically I won’t buy you a beer unless something really cool happens… Like if the sky turns into a mouth and says, “penis.”

BEYOND THE SIXTH SEAL is about having a good time. This band continues to make rock’n’roll the way the universe intended it. How did the universe intend it you ask?

Well of course by including wolves, werewolves, headbanging, dinosaurs, volcanoes, thrashing, lava, storms, beer, boulders, stuff getting blown up, stuff getting kicked, vikings tearing shit up, death metal, bears eating people, Nature kicking humanity’s ass HARD, whirlwinds of doom, low growls, wings of heavy metal demons spinning out of control in a tornado of destructive energy, owls, hamburgers, mountains kicking your ass, craters and chasms swallowing you whole, giants, stone wizards, lizards and lizard wizards, epic landscapes and partying that is so brutal you will dissolve into a puddle of worthless crap…

“Get ready for the resurrection of everything tough!” – Gunface