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Robert Horn: Vocals Justin Schüler: Bass Steven Holl: Guitar André Steinmann: Guitar Benjamin Kühnemund: Drums

In the summer of 2005 Benni (drums) and André (guitar) decided to start a metal band with their friend Tino Hoffmann on vocals. They were soon joined by Steven on guitar, who had seen an ad posted by the band. The band was originally going to be called Metmachines, but this monicker was soon discarded. Soon after, Justin joined the band on bass, thus completing the line-up for the time being.

The band found a rehearsal room and started writing their first few songs. In the meantime, the members decided on the band name Today Heaven’s Dying, playing their first gig at the Clubhaus in Nordhausen. At that point Tino had already left the band, being replaced by Mario Merkel. With this line-up the band played several club shows.

Around half a year later Mario left the band too, being replaced by Robert Horn, who until then had been drumming for a fellow metalcore band, but who turned out to be a talented singer. The resulting line-up has stayed together until today. Soon the band realized they needed a new, shorter and more concise band name. Anima was inked as the new name of the band.

A lot happened in the following year and a half. The band played a large number of shows, gaining a lot of more or less fun experiences in the process. In the summer of 2006 the group started recording their demo debut CD entitled “Souls Of The Decedents” at 138 Studios in Ellrich. The album secured the band their first deal with All Life Ends Records.

“The Daily Grind” was the title of the next MCD to be released in the fall of 2007, which was set to include five songs recorded, mixed and mastered at Slaughter’s Palace and Rape of Harmonies studios. However, the CD was never released. Shortly after posting the first songs on MySpace the band gained interest from Metal Blade Records to everyone’s excitement and amazement. Obviously the band didn’t hesitate long, signing a contract soon after.

Following the release of their debut album “The Daily Grind“ in August 2008 the band played many single gigs and met a lot of new people. Anima also toured with Neaera and Aborted through Europe and were part of the Darknes Over X-Mas tour through Germany with Sonic Syndicate, Legion Of The Damned, Neaera, Callejon and Lay Down Rotten.

In early 2009, the band began writing songs for their second album. From the beginning, every member of the band knew that the outcome would be different this time around. After one year of work, twelve songs were ready, outshining everything on “The Daily Grind”. This time around, production, mixing and mastering, was handled by Sebastian Reichl (Deadlock) in Slaughter’s Palace studios.

Anima has reinvigorated themselves with Enter The Killzone – the album shows a completely new side of the band. More dynamic, more structured, more focused; after having a solid lineup and completing several high profile tours, the band has grown together and become a more tight-knit unit. They know exactly where they want to go!