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Achraf Loudiy: Vocals, Guitar
Alex Loignon: Guitar
Jonas Lapointe: Bass, Vocals
Samuel Dubois: Keyboards
Antoine Guertin: Drums

Formed in 2007 in Quebec City, AETERNAM has been preparing to unleash their own brand of epic death metal upon the world. Combining classic death metal songwriting with epic melodic soloing and middle-eastern influences, AETERNAM has fine-tuned its craft and made it into a perfect blend of brutality and melody. Their first studio release and Metal Blade Records debut, Disciples of the Unseen, was produced by mastermind JeF Fortin (Neuraxis, The Last Felony) and contains 10 tracks of pure intensity, crushing riffs, pounding bass lines, and brutal growls paving the way for epic solos, acoustic melodies, ambient keyboards and large vocal harmonies. Fans of Behemoth, Nile and Melechesh will most certainly find something about this band to enjoy. The sheer amount of talent and creativity inherent in AETERNAM is refreshing and fans of metal everywhere are sure to take notice once the band’s debut studio album Disciples of the Unseen is unleashed upon the masses on February 16th 2010.

Canada’s AETERNAM joined the Metal Blade roster in May 2009 and continued locking down shows in the great white north, including dates with now label mates Behemoth at their June 29th show in Montreal, Trois-Rivières Metal Fest alongside Unexpect, Quo Vadis, Suffocation, Fuck the Facts, and A Perfect Murder, Ashes of Eden, and Exhult just to name a few. AETERNAM is now ready to make its debut on the metal scene with their new twist on death metal with the release of Disciples of the Unseen.  Expect to see AETERNAM on the road in support of their debut album throughout 2010 and into 2011.

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