"The Passage of Existence"
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Rise to Power | Spiritual Apocalypse



Mike Hrubovcak: Vocals
Lee Harrison: Drums
Mike Poggione: Bass
Mark English: Guitars
Matt Barnes: Guitars

MONSTROSITY formed in August 1991 and came crushing on to the scene with their explosive demo "Horror Infinity". After sending the recording throughout the worldwide underground tape trading network the band soon found themselves recording their debut album "Imperial Doom" for the Nuclear Blast label. Their first European tour was the next undertaking bringing the band through many major European markets. A trip to Mexico was made followed by more spot shows in the US including Chicago, Milwaukee and New York as well as many Florida shows including opening for bands such as PANTERA, DEICIDE, OBITUARY and many more.

The second album "Millennium" (1996) was completed and more touring commmenced. This time the band completed a US tour bringing the band to the West Coast for the first time. A second trip to Mexico was taken as well as a trip to Lima, Peru. After another European jaunt and the band's first trip to Bogota Colombia, MONSTROSITY could truly be defined as an international band.

In 1999, the third album was recorded. The most mature MONSTROSITY up to that point "In Dark Purity" was a defining moment in death metal history. All the core elements of the MONSTROSITY sound were in place along with the razor sharp production that lacked on previous outings. A full US/ Canada tour with Black Metal heavyweights DIMMU BORGIR and SAMAEL was then executed bringing the band to a new level of popularity. More US touring followed with yet another trip to Europe to headline Germanys FTC Festival.

2001 brought "Enslaving The Masses" a retrospective that highlights the bands early years including the infamous "Horror Infinity" demo in its entirety, lead heavy remixes of "Imperial Doom" tracks, as well as a blistering live set captured in all of its death metal glory. Relentless touring was on the agenda with two back to back US tours, a full Mexican tour (a rarity for any band much less an underground death metal band) and the band's first stop in Brazil, which was documented on the official bootleg "Live Brazil 2002". More US touring and a full European tour were undertaken concluding with a 10 date festival tour of Poland proving to be one of the bands most successful tours yet.

In 2004 the band headed back to the studio to record the monumental "Rise To Power" release. The band lived up to its international reputation once again by playing live shows in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, and the band's biggest show ever headlining the "Rock Al Parque" Festival in Bogota Colombia playing before 80,000 people.

After the monumental "Triumph In Black" tour (which featured the band in 33 shows in 33 days all across Europe), the band entered Morrisound studios to create the masterpiece known as "Spiritual Apocalypse". With a revitalized line up the band showed no sign of weakness on this exhilarating release. The tracking was engineered by Jim Morris and the mix was handled by Tom Morris. The album was produced by Lee Harrison and MONSTROSITY. Beautiful artwork and a killer design made the album that much more worthy. Following the albums release the band headed back to Mexico for a short run with MARDUK and CATTLE DECAPITATION. A second headlining appearance at Germanys FTC Festival was completed as was a 30 date US run with VITAL REMAINS. The band played all of the 4 major festivals in the US including LOS ANGELES MURDERFEST, NEW ENGLAND METAL AND HARDCORE FEST, CENTRAL ILLINOIS METALFEST, and the MARYLAND DEATHFEST. Next up was Latin America 2010 including stops in Colombia, Peru, and Chile. Then heading to Europe to participate in the PARTY SAN and BRUTAL ASSAULT festivals. The Spiritual Apocalypse touring cycle was brought full circle by ending at the Metal In The Forest Festival in Mexico City alongside metal brothers in VADER, GRAVE, and GENERAL SURGERY.

In 2012, Conquest Music has released the groups first official DVD "Live Apocalypse" which contains the complete set from the Brutal Assault Festival, a studio documentary detailing the Spiritual Apocalypse recording sessions at Morrisound Studios in Tampa Florida, South American tour footage, and interview clips revolving around the Spiritual Apocalypse era of the band. Since the release of the DVD the band performed at Frances HELLFEST, 70,000 Tons of Metal, Barge To Hell, and a Florida run of shows where they debuted new material.

Drummer Lee Harrison entered Audiohammer Studios in Sanford Florida with veteran metal producer Jason Suecof. A week was spent creating rock solid drum tracks. Guitar and bass tracks were handled at Ascension Sound in Tampa with the vocal tracks being recorded at Obituarys "Redneck Studios" in Gibsonton Florida. The mix was handled by producer Mark Lewis (Megadeth) and the resulting 2018 album "The Passage Of Existence" was born. 10 tracks of masterfully crafted death metal for the modern era from the standard bearers of extreme art.

New songs like Cosmic Pandemia, Kingdom of Fire, and Solar Vacuum personify the Monstrosity sound forged like only Monstrosity can. Punishing tracks such as Slaves To The Evermore, Eyes Upon The Abyss, and The Hive showcase the razor tight songwriting skills and ferocious lyrical landscapes. Next up for the band will be touring in support of the brand new album!! See you on tour! Through trials and tribulations of label problems, member changes, and tides in shifting musical taste, MONSTROSITY still stand taller than ever, still delivering their brand of state of the art sonic devastation.

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